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Eliminating Headaches


Eliminating Headaches

Do you feel that reaching for the aspirin is the only way to cope with a horrible headache? Stop! There are other ways of dealing with the problem …

Did you know that daily or near-daily headaches affect up to five percent of the population? It is little wonder that headaches affect most people when we spend our days slumped over computer screens or stuck in crowds of traffic with exhaust fumes billowing. And although it is all too easy to reach for the trusty headache tablets as a quick remedy for the pain, research has proven that this may actually complicate the problem. There are many different triggers for migraines and headaches, including light sensitivity and allergies. But most commonly it is overtiredness, tension, and heightened stress that are the cause of increasingly frequent and painful headaches.

Alternative health and beauty therapy can offer holistic aid for your common ailments.
There is a wide range of alternative drug free therapies for even the busiest of bodies! These effective stress busters include Indian head massage, meditation, yoga, and aromatherapy.

Indian Head Massage:

Known as Champissage in India, this process is part of the ancient healing system of Ayurveda, or the science of life. Arguably the oldest recorded form of medical treatment, Indian head massage promotes health rather than treating disease. It is an unusual form of medicine as it is focused on the individual person rather than the population in general. Indian head massage takes mental, spiritual and emotional well-being into account.

Indian head massage covers the shoulders, neck, upper arms and back, scalp and face. The process uses thumb and finger pressure and friction together to help the individual. Its benefits include improved blood circulation leading to the reduction of muscular and nervous tension. By oxygenating the cells and flushing out the toxins and impurities, Indian head massage can also nourish the hair. A deep sense of relaxation can be achieved, meaning less headaches. Other benefits of the therapy include improved memory and concentration, relief from eyestrain, and can even help anxiety and insomnia. So get rubbing!


Meditation is the “practice and process of focusing personal awareness on inward silence and stillness, in an attempt to attain a calm state of mind”. Basically, meditation helps a person to calm down a little, meaning that the stresses and stains of the day-to-day life can seem less important. And we all know that if we’re calm and happy we can cope with things better. This is why regular meditation can help to control and reduce bouts of migraines. But there is a bit of a ‘down side’. Meditation is a simple concept, but is difficult to master as the majority of people need to be taught to concentrate on emptying their minds and focusing upon the present. Why not try it at home or at work today? If you get annoyed try to count to ten and calm yourself down. It’s difficult to do at first, but it really works!


Traditional Herbal medicine aims to treat the root of the problems rather than the symptoms. Specific remedies are prescribed relating to the cause of the headache, similar to a doctors’ diagnosis. For example, headaches with symptoms relating to the menstrual cycle will benefit from clary sage, chamomile and rose scents. Aromatherapy expects maintain that lavender oil is particularly good to get rid of headaches. And we all know that a good long soak in scented bubble bath works wonders when we’re feeling a bit under the weather. So get sniffing!

Vitamins And Herbs:

Some herbs contain potent headache fighting ingredients. Combined with vitamins, these can be very effective in alievating your headache. Nature’s cure!

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