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Fit Small Bursts Of Exercise Into Your Day

Fit Small Bursts Of Exercise Into Your Day


Doing the same, long exercise for hours on end will not help a girl get fit and healthy. In order to do so, you may want try fitting in small “Bursts” of exercise into your everyday life. Read this guide to help you kick-start your life to a better you. For knowing steps, tips and warnings on how toFit Small Bursts of Exercise Into Your Day continue reading further.


  1. Continue your life as normal. Go to work, go shopping with friends, just live your life as you would each and everyday. When you’re at work, typing on a computer or sitting at a desk for long periods of time, stretch your muscles and kick your legs under your desk. This is the first step to a fitter body.
  2. Walk. It’s great exercise,   you could always try to walk a little everyday. Instead of taking the elevator, use the stairs. If you live ten minutes from work, walk or cycle. Instead of driving the kids to school, walk with them, and encourage your kids to become healthier too.
  3. Stay positive. Being positive will not only keep you motivated, but it increases your life span and can make everyone around you feel happier. Learn how to motivate yourself, and stay focused. You could lose pounds, and not even know it.
  4. Tag along with a friend. When you exercise with someone, you lose weight faster. This will help you stay healthy and have a balanced social life.


  • Keep a cold bottle of water with you whenever you exercise. It’s very important to keep yourself topped up with water, especially if you walk or exercise everyday.
  • Eat healthier. Try to eat at least five pieces of fruit or vegetables everyday. Swap cola and fizzy drinks for smoothies, or better still-Water!

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