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How Does Healthy Food Prevent Diseases


Food As Medicine: As Almighty Allah has blessed us with many blessings and from all of them blessings food is one of the necessary blessing which we not only eat but it gives us number of the benefits and we can also use those food stuff as medicine for number of the diseases. These foods contain several vitamins and other substance which fight against the diseases and make our immune system strong that it may fight against destructive diseases. Foods are full of energy rich compounds and accessory substance which provide body number of the things and fulfill our daily requirement as well as they combat with foreign particles which invade our immune system and make us less energetic and we pass through a deteriorate condition and feel sickness and poor health. So here I am going to discuss some of the foods which fight against various disease and possess medicinal values.

  1. For Osteoporosis: Drink milk and vitamin “D”supplements.
  2. For Heartburn: Use bananas melons, oatmeal and brown rice, Egg whites, vegetables.
  3. For Stomach Pain: Use bananas’ rice and light meal for stomach pain.
  4. For Injuries: Usage of turmeric powder heal the injuries and give relief from them.
  5. For Gastric Ulcers: Usage of onion can reduce the risk of gastric ulcer.
  6. For Ovarian Cancer: Ginger powder is one of the best food for the relief of ovarian cancer.
  7. For Alzheimer’s Disease: Having apples and its usage reduces risk of Alzheimer’s disease.
  8. For Uric Acid: Eat cherries, vegetables and ample of consumption of water reduces the risk of increased level of uric acid.
  9. For Common Cough And Cold: Honey is the best remedy and natural food for the treatment of cough and cold.
  10. For Cancer: Eating broccoli, leafy vegetables, berries, tomatoes reduces risk of cancer.
  11. For Nausea: Use ginger tea in the morning can reduces risk of nausea.
  12. For Migraine: Eating watermelon, drinking coffee, almonds, reduces the migraine pain.
  13. For Poor Eyesight: Drinking milk along with almonds maintains the eyesight and carrots juice is also beneficial for it.
  14. For Insomnia: Drinking warm milk along with almonds before going to bed reduces insomnia and person can sleep in a best way at night.

So these are the disease and their food remedies which have medicinal values which combat with the disease and provide a person health and strength to fight with the microorganism and foreign particles which invade our body and we lose our weight and energy and become weak and lean.

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