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20 Major Benefits of Garlic

Garlic and Your Health

Garlic And Your Health: Garlic is an herb and is used for flavoring the food whenever food is cooked garlic is used. Garlic is not only used as flavoring food or for adding during cooking but it has also medicinal values and is one of the best remedy for many diseases and have bundle of importance for curing diseases. As everything has medicinal value in such way garlic also possess this value. Number of the peoples apply and get benefit from this and other vegetables by listening tips and benefits of each and everything. Most of the people believe in desi tips whereas majority will disbelieve bu we must say that garlic is such a beneficial thing to cure many problems regarding health.
Garlic produces a chemical substance named (allium) which make garlic work for several conditions. So now I am going to tell you about its benefits.
1. Garlic is used to control the blood pressure and uric acid.
2. It is used to reduce the extra fat from the body.
3. Garlic maintains the cholesterol levels.
4. It decrease the high cholesterol blood.
5. It boosts the immune system and make it strong.
6. Garlic helps as antioxidant.
7. Garlic prevents the alzheimer’s disease and dementia also.
8. In food it’s add to remove the unwanted smell from meat and all other things.
9. Garlic is considered to improve the bone health by producing estrogen in bones.
10. Eating garlic detoxify the heavy metals from the body.
11. It is used to treat common flu, cough, bacterial and fungal diseases.
12. The oil of garlic is applied for treatment of warts and cons also.
13. It is used to treat lung cancer, prostate cancer, colon cancer.
14. It works as natural glue.
15. It is used for the treatment of cold sores.
16. For plants it acts as pesticide.
17. It is used for treatment of acne.
18. It enhances physical performances.
19. It is used to cure inflammation.
20. Garlic prevents food poisoning.
So these all are the facts and benefits about garlic which one can use and get rid of many diseases.

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