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How to Eating Out Without Getting Fat

How to Eating Out Without Getting Fat

How to Eating Out Without Getting Fat

Here are few tips to keep your weight balance when you eating out.

Do a late lunch. Ask if you can get a smaller lunch-size portion at dinnertime. Or, choose an appetizer as your meal; the portions are more likely single-serving-sized.

Get it to go. If you order a full entree, ask for a to-go box along with your meal, then package up at least half of it before you take the first bite. Or, ask the waiter to have the kitchen box up half of your meal before it’s even served to you.

Skip the fat. Ask for foods to be grilled, steamed or broiled instead of sautéed or fried. Or, request that your entrée be cooked “dry,” which is restaurant-speak for no added oil or butter. Request lemon or lime wedges or some fresh herbs to add your own flavor.

Choose veggies wisely. Not all of them are equally healthy. Sautéed spinach, for example, is often sautéed in gobs of butter. If you’re unsure about a veggie dish, ask how it’s prepared. Or skip it and go for steamed or raw instead.

Choose one starch. If you simply must have a warm roll from the bread basket, ask them to hold the rice pilaf that comes with your entrée.

Play favorites. If you really want the burger, go ahead and get it, but without the fries. Have that chocolate chip cookie at the office party, but skip the chips. By sticking to just splurges you love, you’ll satisfy your urge without overdoing it.

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