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How to Lose 10 Pounds in a Week

How to Lose 10 Pounds in a Week 

How to Lose 10 Pounds in a Week

If you are itching to shed those unwanted pounds it can be down quickly. There are many crash diets that promise to help you lose vast amounts of weight quickly, but many are unhealthy and can damage your body if you try them over and over again. Taking the weight off the right way can help you from regaining it after. Losing any amount of weight requires a life change and a diet change. There are certain foods that you are going to need to cut out or at least eat in moderation. Also you are going to want to incorporate exercise into your daily lifestyle. It is very easy to make these changes, and once you start noticing the weight coming off it will motivate you even more. Stay away from any crash dieting or other unhealthy ways of losing weight. Do not fast, because once you eat you will start to gain it all back. Depending on the starting weight that you are at now, will help determine the amount of weight you will lose. Of course a person that has more weight to lose then another, will drop more pounds the first few weeks of dieting. The best way to lose weight and keep it off no matter what the amount that you are trying to lose, is to do the old fashioned way, with exercise and diet. We all want a magic way of dropping pounds, but taking a pill or fasting only have their downfalls. Here are some helpful tips to lose weight the safe way

Things You’ll Need:

  • Willpower
  • Self control
  • Motivation
  • Balance
  • Exercise
  • Proper eating habits
  • Step 1
     * Water –

    Before every meal drink 16 ounces of water prior to eating. Doing this can help you lose weight, as you will eat less but still be full. This helps to encourage you to get the recommended amount of water daily and lose weight.

  • Step 2
     * Eat Less Calories Then You Burn –

    In order to lose weight quickly you need to eat less calories then your body actually burns. One pound of fat equals 3500 calories, so you need to burn more calories each day in order to lose weight. All during the day, even in your sleep your body is burning calories. You can easily burn more calories then you eat by increasing activity and cutting calories in your daily diet. Just by cutting 500 calories a day and increasing exercise you can lose weight quickly. This is the best way to lose weight and remain healthy. So cut out the bad food and increase the good foods.

  • Step 3
     * Increase Fiber –

    Eating more fiber each day will help to increase weight loss. Include whole grains, raw vegetables, slightly cooked vegetables, fruits, fiber enriched cereals, whole wheat pasta, beans, etc. In the beginning if you eat to much fiber you may experience bloating, cramps and gas, so do it gradually day by day. Also increase the amount of water you drink as it helps your body to digest the fiber more efficiently.

  • Step 4
     * Stop Eating Sugary Foods –

    Just dropping the sugar from your diet can help you lose weight quickly. Make sure that you stay away from it all together if you want to lose weight quickly. This means no sugar in your coffee, on your cereals, or eating that candy bar!

    * Cut the carbs from your diet. Carbohydrates turn into sugar inside our body’s and makes you hold onto body weight and fat. Omitting carbs from your diet can help you drastically drop the unwanted pounds. These days there are many alternatives to diets without carbs that are tasty and nutritious.

    * Increase fiber into your diet.

    * Incorporate fruits and vegetables into your diet.

    * Make sure you eat your dairy items. You can choose to have low fat or even fat free milks and yogurt’s.

  • Step 5
     * Watch Your Portion Size –

    Many people have no concept of the amount of food that hey should be eating. Here are some helpful tips about portion sizes…
    3 ounces of meat, fish, chicken, etc. is about the size of the palm of a woman’s hand or a deck of playing cards.
    An ounce of cheese is about the size of your thumb.
    A teaspoon of butter is the about the size of your thumb tip.
    Learning the correct portions that you should consume can greatly improve your weight lose.

    * Stay Away From Fried Foods –

    * Watch the calories, they count when you are trying to lose weight. Stick to a diet within a certain range of calories consumption ideal for you.

  • Step 6

      * Exercise –

    Many of us may feel that we simply do not have the time to incorporate exercise int your busy lifestyle. That is just an excuse! There are many ways to get the exercise that you need. When you are at work take the stairs instead of the elevator, or park a little farther then normal so you walk farther. Instead of going out to the movies where you just sit, do something physical like bowling, golfing, dancing, etc. Every extra bit of exercise helps!

    Remember that any diet that promises you a fast and easy way to lose weight without even trying, is a fake! They are relying on the hopeful ones that want to believe there is a miracle cure to lose weight out there to get themselves rich. They are selling you a fantasy and that s the bottom line

  • Step 7 

     It takes work and commitment to lose weight and nothing less. Once you start to make these changes to your diet and include exercise you need to be consistent. It will all pay off when you are losing weight the healthy way and your friends and relatives that are still trying all the new so called “breakthroughs” on the market are still struggling.


  • Step 8
  •  You need to focus on the positive changes that you have done and if you slip up once is awhile just know that its O.K. Focus on the positive and not the negative. Remember to reward yourself with a day off every so often to help keep you motivated and determined.

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