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Natural Food to Overcome Insomnia

Natural Food to Overcome Insomnia

Natural Food to Overcome Insomnia

Sometimes sleepiness don’t come up although your body was very tired, both physically and mentally. It’s hard for you to close your eyes and sleep. Do not consume sleep pill except in emergency situation. It’s better if try natural ways to overcome your insomnia problem. One of them is by consume natural food than can help you sleep well. Here is the list of natural food to overcome insomnia

Potato has been proved to be the food with a low GI value (Low Glycemic Index). GI is an indicator speed the process of change from carbohydrates converted into sugar in the body. Potatoes do not make your blood sugar rise when consumed wisely. In fact, by eating potatoes, you can quickly sleep without consume food with a high GI value.

Bananas are rich in potassium. Potassium is an essential mineral that can normalize the heartbeat, sends oxygen to the brain, and control of body fluid levels.

When the body is under stress, the metabolic rate rises, resulting in reducing our potassium levels. This can be controlled by eating a banana. Not only that, the fruit can bring a natural drowsiness. Because banana contains the hormone melatonin, and tryptophan, which makes you sleep soundly.

The hormone melatonin is a substance produced by the pineal gland in the brain and its formation will be triggered by the dark. Highest levels found before the early morning at approximately 02.00-04.00 WIB and the lowest in the afternoon. These hormones regulate biorhythms or regulate body rhythms in sleep regulation.

As a child, Our mother made a glass of milk as a baby’s bedtime. Milk rich in tryptophan and milk substance can help provide a sense of calm and make the body feel more relaxed. Sipping a glass of warm milk at night can make you fast asleep. Don’t believe it? Try it!

Oatmeal not only warms the stomach and high in fiber, but can make you full and sleepy at once. Warm bowl of oatmeal can be a source of melatonin. So drowsiness will soon attack you. If you want more fast asleep, before bed you can eat oatmeal mixed with warm milk as a supplement.

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