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Disadvantages of Smoking



Stop Smoking: As we all know that smoking is an evil and is not a good thing to be used because it’s one of the dangerous thing for health and it destroys the internal as well as external appearance of a person. Nowadays the number of smokers is increasing day by day with a great speed and all are smoking without caring about it. Day by day new tobacco manufacturing companies are manufacturing new brands to get the attention of youngsters towards this evil and all the youngster, middle age and half aged peoples are smoking with a great interest by knowing that it’s a self –destruction. So now I am going to mention some of the side effects of smoking that how it effects the organs and body badly. Formerly no one knew but gradually when symptoms starts to appear so person become weak and lean day by day.

So I am going to share its disadvantages.

  1. Smoking effects the skin and make skin look wrinkled and feeble.
  2. Smoking damage the lungs and causes lung diseases.
  3. Smoking raises the heart beat and blood pressure and less oxygen is carried by lungs during exercise.
  4. It reduce bone density and tightens the muscles.
  5. It causes inflammation of stomach and intestine,
  6. It lowers the levels of vitamin “C” In the body and weakens the immune system.
  7. Increase risk of heart stroke and heart attack.
  8. In women it also increases the rate of infertility.


So these all are the main points and information about effects of smoking on humans internal as well as external body which destroys all the systems of man and man become feeble and weak and is unable to do anything. Finally treatment from doctors is the last remedy on time otherwise in most cases many peoples lose their lives.

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