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Tips To Treat The Menstruation Pains

Tips To Treat The Menstruation Pains

Tips To Treat The Menstruation Pains
Tips To Treat The Menstruation Pains

You expect terrified that period of the month? If only you would have to endure the discomfort but you also have some painful cramps which often become unbearable. What should you do in this situation?

Dismenoree is the medical term for the pains you support during menstruation. Some women pass easily over them because they are not intense, while others are so painful that can stop the possibility to do the daily activities. And overall, you also have to support the menstrual cramps caused by the clots elimination through the womb.

There exist two types of dismenoree:

1. Dismenoreea which dissapears after giving birth

Symptoms: painful cramps, pains in the inferior abdomen region, headaches, nausea, breast sensibility, overweight;

Treatment: different types of medicines such as ibuprofen, aspirin.

2. Dismenoreea caused by an infection.

Symptoms: pains in the inferior abdomen region, backaches, bleedings between menstruation periods, pains meanwhile and after a sexual contact, abnormal vaginal secretions, fever and agues;

Treatment: strong medicines or even surgical interventions which can be established after a medical consult

What can worsen the pains and menstrual cramps?

Coffee and alcohol, smoking, stress, lack of sleep, rich grease alimentation, salty food.

Tips to treat the menstruation pains

Doing moderate physical activity (20 minutes, 3 times/week of swimming or jogging) will ease the menstruation pain and cramps intensity. Also, the Calcium supplements will help you in this period.

Changing the menu: experts recommend a reduced eggs consume, red meat and a lot of lacteous products.

Eating grease acids found in linseed oil, salmon cans.

Taking magnesium and multivitamins supplements.

Taking E vitamin during menstruation.

Trying to control stress.

Doing yoga, acupuncture and massage.

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