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How To Choose Right Makeup Brush



As we all are known that while doing makeup there are certain rules and regulation which one have to follow step by step and then we are supposed to apply makeup perfectly without any error. As doing makeup require some tools which are necessary tools for applying makeup to face and neck parts and all these tools are specific for specific areas of face parts as well as for neck for applying makeup. So brushes are of various types and are individual for all facial parts and they all are designed according to the shape of facial parts which suits and blend the makeup of every part beautifully that there would be no chance to look ugly .Brushes are made of many fibers and polymers some are of cheap qualities and some are of the best quality. But if one want to apply makeup in a beautiful way so no need to compromise on brush sets so that person must purchase perfect and complete set of brushes.

So now i am going to give to detail about brushes choosing.

If u are going to choose brush so must sure about the hairs of brushes that how they are, are they applicable and soft to skin or not and make sure the best quality of brushes of all kinds.

Natural brushes are best for dry products whereas synthetic brushes are best for creamy foundations and concealers.

Size of brush should be noticed also.

Types Of Brushes: Brushes are of many types now I am going to tell you their types and functions.

Round, Fluffy, Flat tipped Synthetic Brush: This type of brush is needed for blending and buffing the foundation and it cover the pores of skin and merge the foundation well.

Powder Brush: This brush is soft, round and natural brush. This brush is used for the dusting of powder on the face.

Blush/Bronzer Brush: This brush is a soft, medium sized dome shaped natural brush and is used for coloring the cheeks and is soft it will not disturb the foundation of skin also.

Eye Shadow Brush: Eye Shadow brush is small, flat, stiff and natural brush and is used for applying eye shadow on eyes and it will give beautiful finishing to lids also.

Eye Shadow Blending Brush: This brush is soft, flower shaped natural brush and is used for blending eye shadow.

Eye Liner/Brow Brush: This brush is small angled synthetic brush and is used for lashline and for brow shadow application.

Lip Brush: Lip brush is small, flat, round tipped brush and is used to apply lip color and to give a-shaped shape to lips.

How To Clean The Brushes: As we use the things so normally its care and cleaning is also necessary to be done. So brush also needs cleaning.

Use a cleaner once a week named “Color Science Pro Makeup Tools Brush Cleaner” and spray it in order to clean them and remove makeup from them.

For deep cleaning wash brushes with shampoo add a little shampoo in warm water and then swirl the brushes in it and rinse thoroughly.

So this is the complete detail about brushes set.

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