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Eye Shadow Tips to Enhance Your Eyelid Shape

Eye Shadow Tips to Enhance Your Eyelid Shape

Eye shadow Tips to Enhance Your Eyelid Shape: Eyes are extremely prominent feature and are noticed first by everyone because of its shape and makeover that what sort of makeup is applied to someone’s eyes. They give a perfection to whole makeover and are most noticed feature in face. Nowadays number of the techniques and steps have been invented to enhance eyes and eyelid shape through makeup and look different from all. Day by day new designs and steps are coming and people are applying on a great limit because with beauty there is no compromise. So I am going to share with you how to give shape to eyelid.

The eye shape defines how to shape eye area and which shade we need to apply.

Everyone first of all apply high lighter to the brow bone to highlight the eyelid by applying shadow to it.

If a person has doubt about the eyelid size so look at the nearest mirror it will give a perfect look. And look in the mirror square manner not by an angle.

Applying dramatic shadow to highlight the eyelid:

1 Prominent Eyelid: If a person has this sort of eyelid and want to make it look smaller and thinner so shade the eyelid and crease of the eye and highlight only eyebrow not the eyelid.

2 Hooded Eyelid: If a person is having such type of eyes and want to make that there are more eyelids so apply highlighter on the eyelid to make it look larger. Shade the crease of the eye and apply the shadow outwards in order to join the corners of the eye.

Deep Set Eyes: This shape is considered as the versatile shape because in this shape one can apply eye shadow to highlight or shade the eyelid, but the shade should be applied at the crease of the eye and high lighter just under the eyebrow.

The shade for application should be smoky, brown, green or blue for the above lid shapes.

So this is the complete procedure of making eyelids enhanced through makeup.






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