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Glittering Gold Make Up

Glittering Gold Make Up

Glittering Gold Make Up

To add a touch of glamour to your look, opt for gold make up. It also makes your skin glow. Gold make up goes well with all kinds of skin tones. While selecting gold make up always test it before you use.

For a party look gold make up is the best. See to the fact that the gold make up products, you have opted for goes well with your skin tone. You can also get hold of the ‘Gold Make Up Kits that comprises a glitter gel tube, two fake nails, two fake eyelashes and ten crystal stickers.

Gold Make Up For Body

  • First apply a moisturizer on your skin.
  • Then apply a layer of gold powder. Make sure that the gold powder is of fine texture.

Gold Make Up For Eyes

  • Give your eyes a shiny look with the help of gold make up.
  • Apply gold color eye shadow to your eyelashes.
  • Start working from the extreme corner and proceed towards the brow bone.
  • Apply matte shadow to the brow bones.
  • If you wish to have gold color eyelids, then at first apply gold cream on the inner corners of your eye. Then put gold powder on your lower lashes. Blend well.

Gold Make Up For Cheeks

  • Apply gold blush on your cheeks.
  • You can also apply gold powder on your cheeks with a brush.

Gold Make Up For Lips

  • Wear a darker lipstick shade.
  • Apply the gold color lip gloss on your lips, after you have applied lipstick.

To apply gold make up, you can take the help of the experts as they would do it in the most perfect way. You can consider the option of making a trip to the beauty parlor or the beauty salon for this purpose

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