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How To Apply Blusher

How To Apply Blusher

How To Apply Blusher

The fastest face shaper, blusher adds a gentle bloom of color to the cheeks and shape to the face. On the whole, powder blusher is simpler and quicker to use than cream, but whichever you prefer, remember not to overdo it. It is after all, intended to mimic the natural glow of your cheeks.

Choose a blusher color that will co-ordinate with your total make-up look. Try to avoid the frosted variety, they can look attractive if you have a suntan but tend to be rather aging otherwise.

Blusher Application Tips

To apply powder blusher, using a large, soft brush, start the color on the ‘apples’ , or fullest part of your cheeks, directly below the center of your eyes.

Smile and dust the blusher over your cheek-bones, upwards and outwards. Fade the colour towards, but not into your hair-line.

Well applied, cream blusher can look very natural and fresh. Using the same sequence as described above, dab a couple of dots of color on the apples of your cheeks and blend them well with either a damp sponge or fingertips, again using an upward and outward motion.

Quick Blusher Tips

If you find you have put too much blusher, apply a light film of foundation. This will tone it down.

Apply powder blusher over your cream blusher before your powder

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