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How to Apply Eye Make Up Tips to Look Stunning

How to Apply Eye Make Up Tips to Look Stunning


How to Apply Eye Make Up Tips to Look Stunning

Learning how to apply eye make up tips may seem more complicated than for other types of make-up because there is such a variety of colors, tools, and techniques to use. Yet, it is the most important because your eyes are the most expressive facial feature you have.

Keep Your Eyes in Focus Applying Eye Make Up Tips…

After all, when you look into someone’s face, what is the first feature you focus on?!
Their eyes!! Yes, the eyes have it! We communicate through our eyes and convey our emotions through them. That’s why eye make up (eye shadow) should enhance your eyes (as far as eye color and shape) and not be just excessive (that actually looks nasty and it definitely gets attention but not the kind you want!)..

You can have lots of fun while learning to apply eye make up tips. If you have never taken an art class, this is your chance to learn to paint on a living canvas. You can call up a few girl friends and play around while learning how to apply eye make up tips. The techniques you will learn here should give you the courage to give it a try.

Applying Eye Make Up Tips to Create the Illusion of Depth

Eye shadows come in in several textures, powders (compacts), pencils, and creams:

Powder can be used either dry or wet and it’s really easy to control. Make sure you look for a powder that feels moist.

Pencils are fairly easy to use, but you need to remember to smear the line as you go or you’ll have lines all over your face.

Creams tend to be hard to control. They can look beautiful and stay that way if you use a good quality eye foundation (eye primer), otherwise they can slip and slide into the crease on your eyes and eyelids.

As you already know, eye make up come in a wide range of beautiful colors. But don’t think that just because you have blue eyes you have to wear blue eye make up!

Experiment with Eye Make Up Tips to Find the Balance…

You really need to experiment and play with new colors and have fun learning to apply eye shadow that is within the same shade and that complement each other (you can soften and blend similar colors easier). That’s why matte, neutral eye make up is a favorite. When applied properly it draws people’s gazes “into” your beautiful eyes, not “at” your eyes.

The ideal behind eye make up tips application is to create illusions that minimize “faults” and increase the perception of picture perfect expressive eyes. Eye makeup should enhance your eye’s shape and color. To outline the contour of the eye, you can use eyeliners or pencils.

Eye make up tips can be used for shading and shaping the eye, and mascara to give eye lashes the illusion of length and thickness. When it comes to creating the illusion of light and shadow, eye makeup does a wonderful job, once you can apply eye make up tips appropriately.

Here’s the general rule to apply eye make up tips. You need to use four different-colored shadows as follows;

Apply eye make up tips in a neutral-toned base
a main color
a lighter shade for highlighting
a darker shade for emphasizing

It is also important that you have access to a magnifying mirror, and to have a set of variety-sized brush, and/or cosmetic sponges handy to blend the eye make up.

Should Your Eye Shadow Match Your Eye Color?!.

and becomes counter productive, especially when you try to match it to your eye color. Many times, in trying to match the eye make up to your eye color you end up distracting away from your eyes because the matching color (mismatching in some cases!) becomes the attraction (this is especially true with non-neutral colors).

So, in following eye make up tips, you’ll find that neutral eye shadows are the smart choice because they are easy to work with and complement your skin tone. Of course, neutral doesn’t have to mean every shade of brown. Any of the following colors can be considered neutral in the appropriate shade: gray, gold, blue, vanilla, olive, brown, pale purple, mauve, beige.

Applying Eye Make Up Tips to Shade and Highlight…

The techniques of shading and highlighting are used to enhance the natural shape of the eye. Of course, the colors that work the best using these techniques are neutral shades (matte), especially light colored high lighter such as white or cream, and shading color.

You must always remember that: light colors advance (make an area seem larger or closer) while dark colors recede (make an area seem smaller or further away). To apply eye make up tips to create the desired illusion, it is essential to apply eye make up in a way that works with light and dark together and keeps your eyelid shape in mind.

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