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How to apply eye shadow make up

Eye makeup is one of the best looking perspectives in the beauty of the women and that’s why huge concentrations and focus is being made to apply the proper eye makeup which should be safe to use because the eyes is a very sensitive part and at the same time should also look adorable. Here are few steps and details of how one can apply the proper eye shadow makeup.

How to apply eye shadow make up
How to apply eye shadow make up

Step 1: The very first step in applying the eye shadow makeup is to choose the color of the eye shadow. The selection of the color is very much important and significant step because this has to do a lot with the end result of the makeup. There are three respective colors which are available in the eye shadow make up which includes the Light Color, Medium Color and the Dark Color. Make one thing sure that the selection of the color should be on the basis of the entire theme of the facial makeup or at the same time it should also compliment the complexion of the women as well.

Step 2: Now select the respective shape as per your requirement and at the same time as per as your shape of eye. If the women have round eyes and sockets than for such an eye shape they should go for concentrate shadow on the outer border and edges of the eye. While doing so don’t get in to the trendy eye shadow make up of 80’s and 90’s. Women having less of a crease in their eye they should blend the medium shadow across the edges and the border of their eye which will ultimately create a deeper crease. And for the women having almond shaped eyes should keep the medium toner intact to near their lash line.

Step 3: While applying the Light Eye shadow the applier should use a simple eye liner brush and should place the shadow onto the lid and then very smoothly and gently should under the crease shadow and till the lash line.

Step 4: If one is interested in applying the Medium Eye Shadow, so for such a requirement once after applying the thin layer of foundation or even the eye shadow base on the eye, now simply place the medium colored shadow in to your eye crease and with the help of the brush blend back and forth until it is kept intact.

Step 5: While the one who is willing to go for the dark eye shadow should use a very flat shadow brush and should than line there eyes with the darkest shade and then do blend it back and forth. After completing the entire eye shadow makeup do coat it with mascara for a very glowing and better outcome.


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