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Makeup in Five Minutes

Makeup in Five Minutes

Makeup In Five Minutes:

As we all are familiar with the word fashion which is heard everywhere and each and every corner of the world. So fashion trends about makeup are varying day by day and all are applying and testing such different tutorials to look elegant and change than rest of the peoples, if we have glimpse that there is a strong competition among peoples about this and all are in probe of elegance and beauty of it. So makeover within five minutes is quite easy and consist of following easiest steps which one can do and go anywhere they want. This makeover is instant and person look so beautiful and different than all. There are simple steps which one can follow step by step by applying makeup and get set go to the respective place within five minutes. So here I am going to share the tutorial of five minutes with u all.

  1. Apply concealer with brush and apply on eyes in order to hide the dark circles.
  2. In second minute moisturize the face and apply foundation with brush and merge foundation in a well manner that it may be matched with skin tone.
  3. In third minute one should apply the light blush on, on cheeks in order to give somewhat redness and pinky shade to skin which give the skin natural tone and it also give shape to cheeks.
  4. Now in fourth minute apply eye shadow of desired color, eyeliner along with mascara. These things enhance the eyes shape.
  5. The last step includes lip color of a soft or dark color which suits and matches with one’s dress so apply it with brush.

So this is all about the five minutes instant tutorial of doing makeup which one can do instantly and will look elegant and beautiful.

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