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Aamir has a Tweeting Double

Aamir has a Tweeting Double

Aamir has a tweeting double
Aamir has a tweeting double

Two seperate IDs on Twitter claim to be Aamir Khan, and tweeters have no clue what’s going on

With reports of Aamir Khan joining microblogging site Twitter and setting it ablaze, there seems to be quite a lot of confusion as to who the real Aamir Khan is.

There are two handles — @aamir_khan and @aamir_khanAamir — floating around in Twitterverse, leading to much confusion. Several tweeters have asked the question: Which one is the real Aamir Khan?

The confusion lies here: both accounts have the exact same display picture, and the first tweet is the same ie. “Testing. Aamir.” However, in the ID @aamir_khan, that tweet was sent 7 hours prior to the one from the other ID from a Samsung Mobile device, thus initially leading one to believe that this is, in fact, the correct ID.

Meanwhile, the ID @aamir_khanAamir has been far more active, wherein the ‘star’ has thanked Amitabh Bachchan for getting him on Twitter, spoken about his upcoming film ‘Peepli Live’ and interacted with fellow Tweeters. This ID is following 7 people: Amitabh and Abhishek Bachchan, Shahrukh Khan, Salman Khan, Imran Khan, Hrithik Roshan and Sachin Tendulkar. In contrast, the other ID is following only the Big B and has only tweeted thrice so far.

While one can safely assume that one of the IDs is a fake, it’s difficult to figure out which one it is. While the Big B has verified that @aamir_khanAamir is the real ID, nephew Imran Khan has been interacting with the ID @aamir_khan, confirming that it is real. Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra earlier confirmed the latter as the real account, but later confirmed that @aamir_khanAamir to be the actual ID! Is your head spinning yet?

Also, the biggest irony here is: the former ID has only 8,000-odd followers, while the latter — the one which seems more bogus — has over 48,000 followers!

Aamir Khan’s fans on Twitter will probably have to wait until one of these IDs gets verified. Looks like Aamir Khan has lived up once again to his image of being a rabble-rouser, even in cyberspace.

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