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Asin’s Films Banned in US!

Asin’s Films Banned in US!

Asin's films banned in US!
Asin's films banned in US!

Asin is in deep trouble. The Southern actress is already in the bad books of the South Indian Film Artistes Association (SIFAA) that has formed a joint consultative committee to decide on the action to be taken against actors visiting Sri Lanka. The actress recently visited Lanka to shoot for a Bollywood film ‘Ready’ opposite Salman Khan.

Along with SIFAA, yet another organization has taken up the issue against Asin. The Federation of Tamil Associations of North America (FeTNA), an umbrella body of more than 30 Tamil organisations across the United States, has decided to boycott films starring the actress on the same grounds.

FeTNA chief Palani Sundaram made it clear in a recent statement, “The Federation of Tamil Sangams of North America will boycott films of Asin because of her visit to Sri Lanka despite a ban by the Tamil film industry.”

But the actress is unperturbed. Asin claims that she did not flout any diktat of the Nadigar Sangam as she stayed away from the International Indian Film Academy (IIFA) award ceremony in Sri Lanka. But Asin sticks to her ground that she was in Colombo strictly for professional reasons.

Asin also reveals that she has spoken to SIFAA president Sarath Kumar and is ready to abide by the joint committee’s direction. Now only time will tell what fate the committee decides for Asin.

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