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‘Flop Hero’ And ‘Hit Heroine’ – Shahid Reases Sonam

‘Flop Hero’ And ‘Hit Heroine’ – Shahid Reases Sonam

'Flop Hero' and 'Hit Heroine' - Shahid teases Sonam
'Flop Hero' and 'Hit Heroine' - Shahid teases Sonam

Shahid and Sonam Kapoor are shooting love scenes in a specially-designed carriage in a part of Edinburgh where no film has been shot before and with equipment, the ultra-sophisticated Jimmy Jib crane, never used in a Hindi film before.

Feeling flush with the success of I Hate Luv Storys (IHLS)—her first hit– Sonam Kapoor returned to Scotland last week to resume the shooting of Mausam with Shahid Kapoor who had been patiently waiting for his heroine to return so they could resume their-onscreen romancing for his father’s film Mausam.

Coincidentally a week after IHLS clicked Shahid’s Milenge Milenge opened to a very lukewarm response. Naturally Sonam and Shahid had a lot to say to one another during the breaks between shots about their respective films.

Except that Shahid was doing all the talking about both films.

Says a source from the unit, “Sonam and Shahid have been shooting this week at the Royal Mile which is the longest road in Edinburgh and not open to traffic, let alone film shootings. It’s a long stretch with restricted movement for locals, so that there was little intrusion from Shahid and Sonam’s Indian fans.”

Cars filled with loads of NRI fans have been arriving in Edinburgh from in and around Scotland and London to see the two stars shoot.

Says the source, “Naturally without fans hovering to take pictures and start off a conversation Shahid and Sonam were much relaxed at the mythic Royal Mile. Shahid had a field day taking potshots at his own film and congratulating Sonam for her success.”

Apparently Shahid insisted on addressing himself as ‘Flop Hero’ and Sonam as ‘Hit Heroine.’

Says the source, “After a point Sonam just told him to stop it. But Shahid was unstoppable.”

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