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Hema Malini To Direct Film

Hema Malini To Direct Film

Hema Malini to direct Film
Hema Malini to direct Film

The Bollywood ‘dream girl’ would soon be donning the cap of a director in the forthcoming Tell Me O Khuda. The movie starring her daughter, Esha commenced on a controversial note.

It is said that Hema Malini was supposed to originally produce the film and Mayur Puri was the director. However, much thanks to the creative difference between the two, the latter was kicked out of the whole project.

The buzz is that Hema Malini and Mayur Puri’s tiff went out of control and got blown out of proportion. The whole situation between Hema Malini and Mayur Puri became ugly and was full of bad vibes.

The movie is being re-shot and nowhere in the movie would Mayur’s name appear. It’s being reshot over a period of 30 days and would be shot in the four locations, Rajasthan, Goa, Mumbai, and Turkey as per schedule.

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  1. Female fans from Hol

    What does our handsome Dharam have to say about Mayur Puri ? Dharam is also part of the project. How is he going to help Hema ?

    We still love our hot Dharmender and wish him great luck with his new film career.

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