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Kangana slapped with a ‘Fine’ on her Birthday

Kangana slapped with a ‘Fine’ on her Birthday

Kangana slapped with a ‘Fine’ on her Birthday

Bollywood Gossip: Instead of A-listers who were invited, cops drop by to turn Kangana Ranaut’s party sour.. Ultimately, Bollywood

Actor Salman Khan saves the day. Done with being the ‘outsider’ in the industry, Bollywood Bombshell Kangana Ranaut had planned a big birthday bash at her Bandra residence on Tuesday night. Unluckily, what was meant to be a blockbuster, turned out to be a rather dud-ly affair for all.

A cameo by Salman Khan, however, saved the 24th birthday of Kangana Ranaut.

According to sources, Hrithik Roshan, Sanjay Dutt and wife Manyaata, David Dhawan and Arjun Rampal did not attend the party. Hrithik’s obsence, in particular, stood out. Kangana had a fallout with the Roshans after her role in Kites was cut short, but she had recently patched up.

Even her Once Upon A Time In Mumbai producer Ekta Kapoor failed to show up for the party. When contacted, she said, “I was invited but I did not go since I was not feeling well”.

Though most Bollywood biggies failed to make it for Kangana’s big bash, the cops did not. A few hours into the party, the Mumbai Police walked in and slapped Kangana with a fine.

A source from the party confirmed, “Either a neighbour had complained about the loud music or a bunch of cops were on one of their usual rounds in the night. However, there were some who did try to make Kangana’s 24th birthday special.

Madhur Bhandarkar, Ritesh Deshmukh, Nandita Mahtani, Abhinav Deo, Jimmy Shergill and Mallika Sherawat joined the revelry. The one who really made the day for the birthday bash was Salman Khan.

The actor who once had some differences with Ranaut and had patched up recently, dropped by very late in the night to wish her. Source says, “Now, this was quite an entry. Nobody expected that Salman would drop by. He came in with his sister Arpita. Kangana really let her hair down after that”. Like they say, every cloud has a silver lining! What do you say Kangana?

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