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Kangna Denies To Play Psycho Again

Kangna Denies To Play Psycho Again

Kangna Denies To Play Psycho Again
Kangna Denies To Play Psycho Again

Kangna Ranaut has drifted apart from mentor Anurag Basu because he was typecasting her as a neurotic woman in all his films.

He spotted her in a five-star hotel and took an instant fancy to her. Gave her the first break in Bollywood in Gangster and then cast her again in Life in a Metro. The two got along like a house on fire. And then came Kites that strained their friendship.

As on date, a latest development has jeopardized this director-muse equation even further. Says a source, “Ranaut still cares for Basu. But he has been really unfair to her. You don’t consider people as your lucky mascot, but in return give them a raw deal.”

Ranaut and Basu started drifting apart soon after Life In A Metro hit the theatres. Explaining why, our source says, “Kangna was quite upset with the way Basu edited out her portions in the film; she had shot for much more than what was portrayed on the screen.”

However, Ranaut was not only upset but also extremely shocked when she saw Kites. Says a source, “This time Ranaut felt cheated. Large chunks of her role were spliced out. Kangna had been promised that she would be enjoying as much screen time as Barbara Mori throughout the film. Sadly, this wasn’t the case.”

The flashpoint in Ranaut and Basu’s equation was reached when Basu approached Ranaut yet again to play a mentally challenged girl in his forthcoming Ranbir Kapoor starrer Silence.”

Ranaut felt truly short-changed professionally when she realized that once again Basu wanted her to play a role which was similar to what she had done for him in Life in a Metro and Kites,” reveals the source.

Ranaut was livid. And her fury intensified when she suddenly remembered that Anurag had already cast Priyanka for the same role. When the actress asked him about Priyanka’s role, he told her that Priyanka was playing another role, someone with no mental issues. This obviously meant that once again Kangna was being asked to play the psycho. Ranaut told Basu to stop typecasting her as a mentally challenged person in every film he directs, and hung up.

Adds the source, “There is much more to Ranaut than playing only demented females. She has it in her to display a gamut of emotions. Else why would filmmakers cast her in Dhamaal 2 ( secretary), Game (cop), Knockout (journo), Manu Weds Tanu (rebel), Actor ( film critic) and No Problem (shack owner on a beach who makes cocktails), none of which will see her as a psycho?”

Basu and Ranaut remained unavailable for comment. Hope they didn’t go nuts with our query.

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