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Kareena Kapoor To Turn Muslim To Marry Saif Ali Khan, Converted Islam

Kareena Kapoor Converted Islam: This is a great news that Kareena Kapoor To Turn Muslim To Marry Saif Ali Khan. Everyone is excited to hear the wedding news and are looking forward to this grand event Kareena Kapoor converted Islam but here comes a little issue which is that Saif and Kareena belong to two different religions and to become the daughter-in-law of India’s Pataudi family, Kareena Kapoor has to change her religion to Islam. Hot Bollywood Bebo, Kareena Kapoor and the son of ninth Nawab of Pataudi, Saif Ali Khan will tie the knot on 17th of october 2012 at the pataudi`s home place.

Kareena Kapoor To Turn Muslim, Converted Islam
Kareena Kapoor To Turn Muslim, Converted Islam

The invitations for the wedding have already been sent out only to the family members and close friends. Before the marriage, Kareena Kapoor is pursuing to embrace Islam just like the Saif Ali Khan’s mother Sharmila Tagore did before marrying Saif’s father Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi, and also Saif Ali Khan’s first wife Amrita Singh did before marrying him. However, the decision of turning Muslim has brought alot of disputes in Kareena Kapoor’s family and some relatives have even announced to boycott the Saif Kareena wedding. Kareena said in a press meeting that “Saif doesn’t want me to change anything about myself, including my name, after marriage.

Kareena Kapoor To Turn Muslim To Marry Saif Ali Khan, Converted Islam

So I will be Kareena Kapoor Khan. That means I have the privilege of having two of the most powerful surnames in Bollywood attached to my name. My signature will have a triple K — KKK,” although Kareena has planned to turn Muslim but she will retain her surname unlike Sharmila Tagore who changed her name to Ayesha Begum after embracing Islam. Here what i have to say is that if Kareena is accepting Islam because of Saif then its better that she remains a hindu because a person can only become a true muslim if he or she accepts Islam for the love of Allah and truly believe that Allah is one and Prophet Muhammad P.B.U.H. is his messenger. Islam is a full code of life and is not a joke so please dont take it as a piece of cake. Lets see what happens everyone is looking forward to the wedding.

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  1. Alhamdulillah,may almighty Allah give them courage to be in islam forever

  2. Allahu Akbar!!! Alhamdulillahi Khasiran. May Almighty Allah c her thru. Ameen

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