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Khatta Meetha Opens To A Good Start

Khatta Meetha Opens To A Good Start

Khatta Meetha opens to a good start
Khatta Meetha opens to a good start

You are bound to have a winner on hand with director Priyadarshan and the star with impeccable comic timing Akshay Kumar showcasing to audiences in the light hearted manner that they’ve mastered the various facets and levels of bribing and crooked tricks required for a common man to survive the system.

Produced by Hari Om Productions and Cape of Good Hope Productions Khatta Meetha is Akshay Kumar’s lowest budget movie yet and has already ensured the producers a substantial profit thanks to a new strategy that was adopted keeping in mind the economic meltdown.

The film shot at a humble budget has already grossed net collections of Rs 230 million (Rs 23 crore) in its opening weekend in India.

Reveals a trade analyst “ The film is doing extremely well in single screen theatres. It had a great opening weekend .Akshay Kumar works his charm again .A relatively low production cost helped the makers successfully distribute the film and thereby maximize the revenues”

Adds acclaimed trade analyst/critic Taran Adarsh “ The strategy of making a film in a moderate budget and selling it for reasonable prices ensures safety for not just the producer but also the distributors. Akshay and Ashtavinayak deserve kudos for keeping the industry’s well-being and health in mind by keeping the economics in check and also creating a tremendous buzz for the film”

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