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Mere Brother Ki Dulhan: First Look

Mere Brother Ki Dulhan: First Look

Mere Brother Ki Dulhan First Look
Mere Brother Ki Dulhan First Look

The Imran Khan-Katrina Kaif association has a Mills & Boon quality about it. It started with indifference and now these two Bollywood hotties share a good working relationship.

The first beneficiary is filmmaker Aditya Chopra who has signed this striking looking couple for his high-energy, romantic comedy Mere Brother Ki Dulhan. Earlier Imran and Katrina were signed on for 7 Days in Paris, which got shelved. The actors rediscovered each other on the sets of MBKD. Says Imran, “We were like total strangers before this film started. And we barely had any time to get acquainted. At the very start of the schedule Katrina and I shot for some key scenes with a lot of dialogue and emotions. And I must tell you Katrina is becoming a pro with her Hindi dialogue. This film is set in Delhi, Chandigarh, and Himachal. And Kat has managed to get even the local flavour of the Hindi spoken in the heartland of India. She managed a two page dialogue with ease…’’

Imran also feels that in MBKD, Kat has an author-backed role and will walk away with the accolades. “I have always enjoyed working with people who are out to prove a point,’’ says the light-eyed actor. “That way all of us end up giving our best.’’ On a lighter note, he adds, “Kat has lost a good amount of weight and I have grown up from a bachcha to a young man. So I guess we will not only make a good looking couple, we may also come out as a good performing screen pair.’’

Kat on her part laughs and says, “What does Imran mean when he says that I have lost weight? Was I fat before I started this film?” But good-natured barbs aside, Kat and Imran are getting along truly well. Adds Katrina, “Imran is a very simple person. He is absolutely straight-forward and focussed on his work. And I like working with people for whom everything except their work is secondary.’’

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