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Priyanka As Betaal

Priyanka As Betaal

Priyanka As Betaal
Priyanka As Betaal

More than 20 years ago, a tele-serial captured the fancy of a generation fed on a healthy dose of myth and mythologies complete with eye-popping visuals an ear-splitting sound effects (remember this was in the 80s).

Vikram Aur Betaal, based on the strange relationship between a resolute king (Arun Govil) and a crafty spook (Satish Shah), may or may not have inspired a chic love story between two strangers in 2010 New York. But this image, put together by a certain Gaurav Ganoo is all the rage on Facebook.

Nearly 5000 people have liked it, countless others have shared it and on the last count nearly 800 comments have been posted on the image.

Some people think Priyanka and Ranbir would make for a great new-age Vikram-Betaal. In fact it is not difficult to imagine Piggy chops mouthing those famous lines: Jawaab de nahi toh mein tere sar ke hazaar tukde kar dunga, even as a solemn Ranbir tries to keep a straight face. There are yet others who have taken pot shots at Bollywood’s lack of inspiration and original ideas.

We say, since Bollywood often ridicules but rarely laughs at itself, maybe it’s time to lighten up a little – spooky style.

As the wily Betaal would have said: Tu bola aur main chala hahahahahahaha….

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