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Shahrukh Khan Rrefuses To Enact Lalit Mod

Shahrukh Khan Rrefuses To Enact Lalit Mod

Shahrukh Khan Rrefuses To Enact Lalit Mod
Shahrukh Khan Rrefuses To Enact Lalit Mod

Percept Picture Company is going to come up with its next project titled ‘Commissioner’, which is based on the life of Indian Premiere League chairman Lalit Modi, seen from the eyes of a journalist. Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan was reportedly offered to play Lalit Modi’s role in the movie and he allegedly rejected the offer in spite of getting a personal request from Modi himself.

Apparently, SRK does not want to get into any controversy as he is such an important part of the IPL. He is probably trying to keep himself away from any controversy related to Modi.

A source was quoted stating that everything was fine on the IPL front when the movie was announced but things changed following the recent controversy on Lalit Modi.

Shailendra Singh, the Joint MD of Percept, who is also the producer of ‘Commissioner’, confirmed that Shah Rukh was approached to play the role of Lalit Modi. He added that SRK denied even when Lalit Modi himself asked him to take it up. Singh also said that Shah Rukh is very busy and too involved with Ra One, which is his home production.

As per the latest developments, Ajay Devgn has been offered to play the role now. Confirming this Singh said that Ajay has been sent feelers and they would love to have him. He added that the investment team is ready and they are committed to make this movie.

In fact, Irrfan Khan was also said to have been approached for the role. Apart from actors, the film has also switched hands in directorial part too. Initially, Madhur Bhandarkar was approached for directing the movie but he did not want to take up this controversial project. Now, Shamin Desai has been finalized to direct the movie, the source added.

Finally, whoever plays Lalit Modi, will be declared very soon but one thing is for sure, this movie will surely raise some controversies!

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