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Shashi Kapoor Dead, Shashi Kapoor Dead Video, Shashi Kapoor Pictures

Shashi Kapoor Dead, Shashi Kapoor Dead Video, Pictures

Shashi Kapoor Dead
Shashi Kapoor Dead

Shashi Kapoor Dead,Shashi Kapoor Dead Video,Pictures,Shashi Kapoor Funeral Live

Shammi Kapoor was suffering from backache, because of which doctors decided to admit him to the hospital,” said a source at Breach Candy Hospital.

Shammi Kapoor was 79, who was admitted to the Breach candy Hospital owing to backache, was discharged on December 31.

Shammiji is reportedly suffering from kidney ailments and is recovering. Big B posted that he was pained to see Shashi. “When I had visited Shashi Kapoor ji in hospital the other day and written about it, a member of our FmXt raised a point of ethics in doing so and objecting that there is a certain code of conduct in the medical profession and a moral code in society where such descriptions are not permitted,” he wrote, adding, “I did mention in detail my visit to the hospital and I did talk about it on my blog, primarily because Mr Shashi Kapoor is no ordinary individual.”

Speaking about Shammiji, Big B said that he was in his usual charming self and was joking over his health condition. “I have been to visit Mr Shammi Kapoor this evening too in hospital. He is unwell, in a different hospital. He was his most charming self as always and joked and laughed over his condition. I gave him a copy of the special edition ‘Madhushala’ that we had brought out on my Father’s 101 st and he was delighted,” he wrote.

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