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Veena Malik Eliminated, Interview, Big Boss 4 Veena Malik Video

Veena Malik Eliminated, Interview, Big Boss 4 Veena Malik Video

Veena Malik Interview 19th September 2010
Performer Veena Malik on identifying with the Mona Lisa, a career in espionage and knowing what her time’s worth.

Pakistani type cum performer Veena Malik got abolished from Big Boss 4. Veena malik, Khali and Ashmit Patel were nominated by the components of the Big Boss and were in the Danger Zone.

Veena Malik Interview After Bigg Boss 4
Pakistani actress Veena Malik, the latest celebrity to be booted out from the Bigg Boss house, says she has grown very close to her co-contestant, Bollywood actor Ashmit Patel. The 32-year-old actress, who got nominated seven times – the maximum for any housemate on the show – thanks to her antics which included her extreme closeness to Ashmit and her confessed liking to Hrishant Goswami, says she is happy to have survived on an Indian show without being a known face here.


Veena, the ex-girlfriend of Pakistani cricketer Mohammad Asif, came into the news earlier this year by claiming that she knew about Asif’s match fixing scandal.

“I was tired of the controversy around me and Asif so I decided that I will go away and when this show was offered I jumped to it because I could stay away from media for some months,” Veena said.

But instead of lying low, the Lollywood lass ensured that she generated enough headlines while on the show and her closeness to Ashmit and Hrishant helped her sustain the ordeal of being locked up in the house for months.

Veena, however, says she does not know about the kind of reaction her behaviour generated in the audience.

“I don’t know why there is so much confusion. I admit that I am very close to Ashmit. We are very close friends. I love him and he loves me. We never crossed any boundaries on the show. As far as Hrishant is concerned, I like him because he is a very handsome man. But that does not mean I am close to him. I also like Salman Khan,” Veena said.

“Ashmit and my friendship started when I came to know that he is a Thalassemia patient. I was the ambassador of such an organisation in Pakistan, that worked for thalassemic patients. I started interacting with him often and gradually realised that he is a very fine human being and now we are very close. I love him (Ashmit) but I also want to add that the fact is we are just very good friends.”

The actress said she was surprised to have remained on the show for so long despite being nominated seven times and felt bad that she was evicted at this point when the show was coming to a close.

“I would pack my bags everytime I was nominated but the audience were so generous that they saved me each time. It is the seventh time that my luck run out but I am happy that despite being an unknown face in India I got so much affection.”

When asked about the fact that the Pakistani media reported about how they felt Malik’s behaviour on the show was disgraceful, she quickly replies, “I am an individual who loves to play and have fun and that is what I have been doing in my life and on the show.”

So was her conduct on the show fake as claimed by some other contestants on the show? “I don’t understand why my fellow contestants said so about me. I am just a normal girl and I am sure all young girls behave like this. I didn’t do anything that will bring shame to me, my family or my nation.”

Ask her if Bollywood is on her mind and she says, “Yes, if I get offers I will be honoured to do films in Bollywood. I had never planned this but if it happens, nothing like it. I’d love to do an action-comedy film.” When asked if she would do an item song, she says, “Yes, definitely! I love dancing and people have seen a glimpse of that. So if I get to dance I will. But I will be most happy if I get to dance with (actor) Salman Khan.”

On causing controversies in her country as well as in India with her conduct, Veena said she was being her real self on the show.

“You must understand that we were being recorded 24×7. We laugh, we joke, we fight and we discuss serious issues. But it is up to the Bigg Boss to show what he wants to show in an hour.

“But I know that I have done nothing wrong. I was very real on the show. That’s how I am in real life. Maybe only our jokes and fights were shown in the one hour. It is upto the show bosses to decided which aspect of our personality they want to reveal,” she added.

Big Boss 4 Interview with Veena Malik

Veena Malik exposing Muhammad Asif in Big Boss 4

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