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When Asin Bumped Into Mr And Mrs Dhoni

When Asin Bumped Into Mr And Mrs Dhoni

When Asin bumped into Mr and Mrs Dhoni
When Asin bumped into Mr and Mrs Dhoni

While MS Dhoni seems to have moved on with his newfound nuptial-life with Sakshi Singh Rawat, Asin is apparently still recuperating from her loss. Recently, when the actress ran into Dhoni and his wife Sakshi in Sri Lanka, she was caught in an awkward moment, where she had no option but to wish the newly married couple a happy life and walk off.

An insider reveals, “Asin has been in Sri Lanka for almost three weeks shooting with Salman Khan for Anees Bazmee’s Ready. The Indian cricket team is also in Colombo for the Test series. Coincidentally, Asin and Dhoni are put up in the same five-star hotel.

Asin was aware that Dhoni and his wife are staying in the same hotel. Asin made sure (to the best of her ability) not to cross their way.” But destiny had different plans.

Apparently, Asin was shooting for almost 12 hours a day and was returning to the hotel only late at night. (Yes, the film does need that much work; Asin wasn’t avoiding returning to the hotel). So, all this while, she had not bumped into Dhoni or his wife.

But one morning, when Asin was to leave for her shoot, she bumped into Sakshi, followed by Dhoni.

She promptly congratulated the couple, casually spoke for a few seconds and quickly left, saying she was getting late. The awkwardness was clearly visible on Asin’s face,” adds the insider

As for Dhoni, the cricketer seems to have mastered the art of making polite expressions. The insider says, “Dhoni was normal and casual while greeting Asin. Sakshi (oh, we forgot about her!), who was also present, just exchanged a few pleasantries with Asin and then everyone went their way. Asin to her shooting location, Dhoni to his game. Asin remained unavailable for comment.

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