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Alastair Lam, Bernice Liu Caught Dating New Rich Boyfriend

Alastair Lam, Bernice Liu Caught Dating New Rich Boyfriend

Alastair Lam, Bernice Liu Caught Dating New Rich Boyfriend
Alastair Lam, Bernice Liu Caught Dating New Rich Boyfriend

Latest news update about Alastair Lam Alastair and heated. Also Bernice Moses cared less as the night before she attended a banquet with her boyfriend. After dinner, then personally took Alastair Bernice.

Alastair Lam Hong Kong:Bernice Liu Caught Dating New Rich Boyfriend

Throughout their six-year relationship, Bernice Liu Bik Yee and Moses Chan Ho have had their share of splits and reunifications. On Saturday night, the paparazzi spotted Bernice on a date with new rich boyfriend, Alastair Lam.

After meeting with friends for dinner, Bernice stayed at Alastair’s house until 3 AM before leaving. Next, the pair stopped at Alastair’s friend’s house. Afterwards, Alastair drove Bernice home in his $4 million (HKD) Lamborghini sports car. Bernice was carrying a $100,000 (HKD) Hermes Birkin bag and smiled brightly despite the obvious presence of reporters.

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Who is Alastair Lam?

With a prestigious family background, Alastair Lam is one of the most sought-after bachelors in Hong Kong . His mother, Chong Yuet Wah’s family owns the Chung Nam Watch business. Alastair’s father is a famous surgeon and Deputy Chairman of CC Land Holdings Ltd. After completing his studies in the United States , Alastair founded his own business to realize his environmental interests. In 2006, he invested in environmental-friendly air conditioners and last year, he invested in fluorescent lights. His business portfolio expanded to restaurants, retail, manufacturing, trade, real estate and property management. Alastaire’s accomplishments were recognized when he won the “Young Entrepreneur Award” in 2010.
Apart from managing his own businesses, Alastair is also the Chairman of Synergy Lighting Ltd., the Vice President of Zhongshan Delta Chamber of Commerce, member of the Hong Kong Chiu Chow Chamber of Commerce Committee, and a member of the Film Advisory Panel. Along with Jaycee Fong Cho Ming, Alastair invested in Rio mint candies earlier. In addition to his business ventures, he enjoys golf and tourism.

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Bernice Liu earlier was captured by Oriental Daily attending a dinner with rich man’s second generation, Alastair Lam as a couple. When Bernice returned to TVB city to film “Show Me The Happy” yesterday, she has earlier prepared to be accompanied by artist manager to enter the studio. Regarding new relationship, she immediately said, “No! We’re just friends! During dinner there was a group of people, we also went another place to eat crab, after that we also went to another friend’s party.”

It was said that after she lost out on the Most Vastly Improved Actress award, Bernice lost confidence in her company. Her stormy relationship with Moses Chan was another reason why the actress decided to marry into a wealthy family.

Bernice reportedly knew the 32-year-old second-generation billionaire Alastair Lam through a friend and began dating him behind Moses Chan’s back. The actress was recently seen entering and leaving Alastair’s billion-dollar home and was being chauffeured around in expensive cars.

Last Saturday, Bernice went to dinner with Alastair and his friends as the billionaire’s ‘official girlfriend’. Alastair later sent her home and stayed with her till three in the morning.

Bernice Liu refuted claims of her dating Alastair Lam, but replied coyly that they were just friends. She had known the billionaire for a while now and found him a “generous and friendly” person. They had things to talk about because she studied business administration and Alastair is a businessman.

Bernice said that she knew Alastair through a friend and they have known each other for quite some time. She was asked about their progress, she said, “We’re all friends, but no one knows what will happen in the future.” She also pointed that she studied business management before this, and that group of friends are doing their own business, they are also ABCs who returned to Hong Kong so they have common topic. Speaking about whether Moses speaks fluent English and whether Moses knows Alastair, Bernice said, “We all have our own friends!” (Are you closer with Moses or this one?) “Aiya! I won’t say! Don’t have to analyse.” (You got to know this guy behind his back?) “It’s just what the reports say! I’ve been righteous all these while!”

Bernice Liu who was recently captured with millionaire Alastair Lam was showing off her new boyfriend yesterday and degraded her “ex”, Moses Chan from the relationship of good friends to colleagues. Their six years dragging relationship has finally come to an end. Moses was staying at home yesterday to “heal his wound” and frankly said that he would face it like normal. He also said that there is a “big forest” waiting for him out there, and said that he would once again work for improvement in relationship and career.

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