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Angelina Jolie Promotes ‘Salt’

Angelina Jolie Promotes ‘Salt’

Angelina Jolie promotes ‘Salt’
Angelina Jolie promotes ‘Salt’

It’s not very long ago that Russian spies made the best Hollywood villain and often enough the real life incidents have helped the box office success of quite few films.
Soon it will be Angelina Jolie’s turn, on July 23 her spy film ‘Salt’ is all set to hit the big screen. She is accused of being a Russian spy, a story that now sounds too familiar post June 28 where 10 people were caught by FBI; those 10 were considered to be Russian sleeper agents.
One of them is drawing quite a comparison to Angie’s character of ‘Salt’, not only because of her role in real life but also because of her looks, it is Anna Chapman. Anna has the brain and well as the body and she knows how to use them both to her advantage, an IQ of 162 and a body of Victoria Secrets model.
Angie is in Washington these days promoting her upcoming flick.

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