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Tiger Woods Sex Tape Exists

Tiger Woods Sex Tape Exists

Devon James insists she is in possession of a Tiger Woods sex tape. We don’t believe her at all, but you gotta give her credit for the effort put into these lies.

Like George driving all the way to his fake house in the Hamptons hoping his in-laws would blink first (some classic Seinfeld quotes), there’s no stopping her.

Producer/husband Nick James says Devon and Tiger’s sex video will be available Friday, with the XXX release moving forward “no matter what.”

Tiger Woods Sex Tape Exists
Devon James is relentless with her tall Tiger tales.

“I was told there was a bid by his lawyers to buy the tape but so far no deal has been struck and I don’t think it will be either,” Nick told Radar Online.

The couple’s website, TigerTapeXXX (dot) com, promises “Tiger Woods playing all the holes” of his former girl and says pre-orders will begin Oct. 15.

NOTE: There is no proof the Tiger Woods sex tape actually exists.

We need not remind you that porn star Devon also alleged that Tiger Woods is the father of her 9-year-old son Austin, which turned out to be bogus.

There are also reports circulating that she and Nick James filmed the alleged Tiger tape only recently, going so far as to recruit a Tiger look-alike star.

Devon’s former manager, Gina Rodriguez, does not believe that the tape exists, saying James wanted to “find a Tiger look a like and make a tape.”

“I told them that I would have no part of a fake tape,” Rodriguez said.

There’s also this problem. Tiger’s lawyers secured a court order barring British publications from printing naked pictures or videos of the golf great.

While not an “admission that any such photographs exist,” the ruling certainly would guarantee a huge ass lawsuit if someone pulled a stunt like this.

Still, Dev, who allegedly threatened the life of co-mistress Joslyn James, boasts online, “Come watch Devon f*ck and s*ck and why Tiger WOULD too!”

That makes zero sense, but we admire the spirit of this whole charade.

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