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Interview: Anoushey, Indus Music Channel VJ

Interview: Anoushey, Indus Music Channel VJ

Interview: Anoushey, Indus Music Channel VJ
Interview: Anoushey, Indus Music Channel VJ

Interview with Anoushey a well know personality of indus music. Anoushey was born on the 14th of April which makes me a true Aries i know Anoushey is clever she didnt tell the year she was born, Anoushey is bossy, possessive, thoughtless yet friendly, funny, lovable she love outdoor sports, reading and traveling! Anoushey favorite city in the world has to be New York City. Anoushey loves all types of food but her favorite food is ‘DESI food’. Enough of introduction lets move on with the questions.

LahoriMela.com: A very common question people ask you all the time?
Anoushey: Have you dyed your hair.

LahoriMela.com: Favorite person in the world?
Anoushey: Mumma.

LahoriMela.com: Best friends are…?
Anoushey: A blessing.

LahoriMela.com: Who are they?
Anoushey: I have a set of close friends…Nareman, Alizeh, Shayaan.

LahoriMela.com: Craziest fan call you ever received?
Anoushey: At home on my cell phone, he sent me some flowers and there were 80 of them. 80 flowers represent 80 surprises he will bring to me supposedly.

LahoriMela.com: Over used words?
Anoushey: Wonderful!

LahoriMela.com: Your firm believe?
Anoushey: To live in the present and enjoy it to the fullest.

LahoriMela.com: Your first crush?
Anoushey: My principal’s son in school. I starred at him all the time. And now he stares at me when he sees me.

LahoriMela.com: How do you show your interest in a guy ?
Anoushey: I have always had trouble with that; I have never been able to show interest in the person I am interested in.

LahoriMela.com: Best day of your life till now?
Anoushey: First time I went to New York City with four crazy friends and stayed out all night.

LahoriMela.com: Worst day of your life?
Anoushey: When I fell ill with jaundice and pneumonia.

LahoriMela.com: How did you get into V-Jaying?
Anoushey: Just came for an audition and I did the show the first day.

LahoriMela.com: How do you describe your show on IM?
Anoushey: It’s a funny, interactive and it’s pretty lively.

LahoriMela.com: What do you like the best about IM-Requested?
Anoushey: Callers and the response I get from the viewers. I really like working with my director, they are a lot of fun.

LahoriMela.com: How do people react when you go out?
Anoushey: Some of them just stare and some come up to say ‘Hi!’ And take pictures.

LahoriMela.com: How big do think is your fan following?
Anoushey: When I go out to public places a lot of people recognize me and I guess people know me.

LahoriMela.com: Life is …?
Anoushey: A test, which we have to pass to enjoy the life after this.

LahoriMela.com: Last words?
Anoushey: Is it done?!

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