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Interview: Atif Aslam, Hear It Straight (Dubai)

Interview: Atif Aslam, Hear It Straight (Dubai)

Interview: Atif Aslam, Hear It Straight (Dubai)
Interview: Atif Aslam, Hear It Straight (Dubai)

Atif Aslam is set to rock up Dubai! Ahead of his concert on April 15, the Pakistani singing sensation talks music, women and movies with Masala!

LahoriMela.com: Pop star or playback singer – which one is more you?
Atif Aslam: Neither. I’m a simple ordinary guy who wants to enjoy life to the max.

LahoriMela.com: What kind of a career boost has singing for Hindi films given you?
Atif Aslam: They really know how to project an artiste and make revenue from the market. I’ve been given a huge boost by the kind of marketing they do.

LahoriMela.com: Which actor do you like singing for the most?
Atif Aslam: No one in particular. I choose the song I’m singing, not the actor I’m singing for!

LahoriMela.com: What is your signature style?
Atif Aslam: I don’t want to have any signature style. I always want to do improvisations.

LahoriMela.com: Women go crazy for you… why?
Atif Aslam: Ask the women that and then tell me so that I can make them more crazy ;)

LahoriMela.com: What is the craziest thing a fan has ever done for you?
Atif Aslam: Two girls drove 2,000kms to be at my concert in the US!

LahoriMela.com: The young consider you their voice. Why?
Atif Aslam: I think because they are not into heavy classical stuff which they can’t digest. My type of music is current, upbeat n trendy which depicts their emotions and energies. That’s why they enjoy me more!

LahoriMela.com: Who is your inspiration?
Atif Aslam: Everyone around me, my family, my friends, my environment. I try to learn from everything.

LahoriMela.com:What are your acting plans?
Atif Aslam: I’m currently acting in Bol being made by Shoaib Mansoor (Khuda Kay Liye). The movie’ll be released in June. If there are good movie offers, I’ll do them.

LahoriMela.com: What is the Dubai audience like?
Atif Aslam:It’s dicey. Sometimes they are very responsive, sometimes they are lazy. Let’s see how they behave this time!

LahoriMela.com: What can your Dubai fans expect from this show?
Atif Aslam: We’ll try to perform new songs from Prince. There’ll be a special treat in fusion with other artists at the concert.

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