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Aamaal Of Shab-e-Meraj


On 27th Rajab (40 Aamul Feel) the Holy Prophet (PBUH) made known to the people his mission of Prophet hood. The 27th is therefore, a highly blessed night.

Aamaal Of Shab-e-Meraj
Aamaal Of Shab-e-Meraj
Aamaal Of Shab-e-Meraj

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  1. Assalam alaikum

    “SHAB-E-bara’at” nazdeek hai.

    Hamare nama-e-amal tabdeel hone wala hai.

    Yani hamari zindagi ki 1 or kitab band hone wali hai.

    Mai nahi chahta k meri kitab aap se mafi mangne se phele band hojaye.

    Agar mujhse koi galti ho gai ho to plz dil se maaf kr dena.

    Allah aap ko iska ajar dega..

  2. Jee App Sab Ko MUBARAK Ho :pray:

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