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Kia Hum In Main Say Tu Nahi(Must Read)

Kia Hum In Main Say Tu Nahi

(Must Read)

The following sins are so severe that due to them one would be deprived of the blessings of this great night
Night of Blessings
Toba Ki Raat

To associate any partners to Allah Ta’ala , regarding His Being and Qualities.

To have enmity for one’s fellow brothers.
Not fulfilling the rights of our close relatives and treating them unkindly.
To allow the trousers and pants to hang below the ankles.
To be disobedient to the parents.
To drink wine.
To oppress and take bribes
To be involved in witchcraft.
To inform people of the unseen or to cast spells and be involved in fortune telling.
To read the palms in order to tell the future.
To play the guitar, drum or any other musical instrument.
To play any game that requires the use of dice.
After writing the virtues and blessings of this month, regretfully, we will have to include that
due to the evil nature of our actions, we have converted all our actions to punishment and our
blessings into worldly and hereafter losses. The Muslims were once those who used to draw som
good from bad, some virtues from stating away from evil and benefit benefit from troubles we
encounter today.As a consequence of the evil nature of our actions, the table have turned and
we have lost out in all places of good and achieve loss in all places of benefit. May Allah Ta’ala
grant all the Muslims the ability to practice good deeds and follow the Sunnah of our beloved
Nabi(S.a.w.w)  .
And Allah Ta’ala  is the only one who grants us the ability and divine assistance.
Our Saintly elders used to worship on the night of Shabe Baraat and fast the next day.
Who are we to find fault with these noble practices ?

Oh ALLAH we humbly beg of You, Your Forgiveness for any of our shortcomings and we beg of You,

Your Divine Help and assistance, Aameen.

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