Today's Moscow Prayer Timings

Russia, Moscow
15 Apr 2024
6 Shawwāl, 1445 AH
3:14 AM
5:24 AM
12:29 PM
4:18 PM
7:36 PM
9:36 PM
Upcoming Prayer
3:04 AM
Spiritual Administration of Muslims of Russia Change

Welcome to the prayer timings page for Moscow, Russia. As we navigate through 15 Apr 2024 (corresponding to the Islamic date of 6 Shawwāl, 1445 AH), it's essential to be aware of the Salah times for the day. This is integral to fulfilling our religious duties and further strengthening our connection with Allah.

For those residing in or visiting Moscow, we've provided the prayer timings as determined by the Spiritual Administration of Muslims of Russia method. Today's date is 15-04-2024, and according to the timezone of Europe/Moscow, the current local time is 03:50.

We hope this guide assists you in your spiritual journey and commitments. Remember to offer your prayers on time and seek Allah's blessings and mercy.

Prayer Timings for More Russia Cities

Moscow April Prayer Timings

01 Apr 20244:03 AM12:33 PM4:03 PM7:08 PM8:57 PM
02 Apr 20243:59 AM12:33 PM4:04 PM7:10 PM9:00 PM
03 Apr 20243:56 AM12:33 PM4:05 PM7:12 PM9:02 PM
04 Apr 20243:53 AM12:32 PM4:06 PM7:14 PM9:05 PM
05 Apr 20243:49 AM12:32 PM4:07 PM7:16 PM9:08 PM
06 Apr 20243:46 AM12:32 PM4:08 PM7:18 PM9:10 PM
07 Apr 20243:42 AM12:32 PM4:09 PM7:20 PM9:13 PM
08 Apr 20243:39 AM12:31 PM4:11 PM7:22 PM9:16 PM
09 Apr 20243:36 AM12:31 PM4:12 PM7:24 PM9:19 PM
10 Apr 20243:32 AM12:31 PM4:13 PM7:26 PM9:22 PM
11 Apr 20243:29 AM12:30 PM4:14 PM7:28 PM9:24 PM
12 Apr 20243:25 AM12:30 PM4:15 PM7:30 PM9:27 PM
13 Apr 20243:21 AM12:30 PM4:16 PM7:32 PM9:30 PM
14 Apr 20243:18 AM12:30 PM4:17 PM7:34 PM9:33 PM
15 Apr 20243:14 AM12:29 PM4:18 PM7:36 PM9:36 PM
16 Apr 20243:10 AM12:29 PM4:19 PM7:38 PM9:40 PM
17 Apr 20243:07 AM12:29 PM4:20 PM7:40 PM9:43 PM
18 Apr 20243:03 AM12:29 PM4:21 PM7:42 PM9:46 PM
19 Apr 20242:59 AM12:29 PM4:22 PM7:44 PM9:49 PM
20 Apr 20242:55 AM12:28 PM4:23 PM7:46 PM9:52 PM
21 Apr 20242:51 AM12:28 PM4:24 PM7:48 PM9:56 PM
22 Apr 20242:47 AM12:28 PM4:25 PM7:50 PM9:59 PM
23 Apr 20242:43 AM12:28 PM4:25 PM7:52 PM10:03 PM
24 Apr 20242:39 AM12:28 PM4:26 PM7:54 PM10:06 PM
25 Apr 20242:35 AM12:27 PM4:27 PM7:56 PM10:10 PM
26 Apr 20242:34 AM12:27 PM4:28 PM7:58 PM10:13 PM
27 Apr 20242:32 AM12:27 PM4:29 PM8:00 PM10:14 PM
28 Apr 20242:31 AM12:27 PM4:30 PM8:02 PM10:15 PM
29 Apr 20242:30 AM12:27 PM4:31 PM8:04 PM10:16 PM
30 Apr 20242:29 AM12:27 PM4:32 PM8:06 PM10:17 PM
Accurate Prayer Times for Moscow, Russia

Devotees in Moscow, Russia can now effortlessly adhere to their prayer schedule. Mark your calendars for the precise Salah times and strengthen your connection with the divine.

Date and Time Details

Today's date in Moscow is 15 Apr 2024 which corresponds to the Islamic date of 6 Shawwāl, 1445 AH. Local time based on the Europe/Moscow timezone is currently 03:50. Rest assured, our prayer time calculations are based on the reputable Spiritual Administration of Muslims of Russia method.

Fajr & Sunrise

The day in Moscow commences with the Fajr prayer at 3:14 AM, followed by the majestic sunrise at 5:24 AM. It's a time of reflection and a fresh start.


As the sun reaches its zenith, residents of Moscow offer the Dhuhr prayer at 12:29 PM, pausing in the midst of their day to reconnect and find solace.


The afternoon serenity in Moscow is marked by the Asar prayer, which is observed at 4:18 PM. It's an opportunity to realign and find peace in the day's rhythm.

Maghrib & Isha

As dusk envelops Moscow, the Maghrib prayer is offered at 8:06 PM. The day's spiritual journey culminates with the Isha prayer at 10:17 PM, providing a moment of introspection before rest.


For those seeking deeper spiritual connection in the quiet hours, the Tahajud prayer time for Moscow is at 3:04 AM. It's a moment of profound tranquility and devotion.

Stay Updated with Today's Prayer Times

Whether you're a resident or just visiting Moscow, it's crucial to have accurate prayer times. On 15-04-2024, ensure you align your prayers with the times provided to enhance your spiritual experience.