Worldwide Ramadan Timetable | Ramzan 2024 Calendar

In 2024, the Holy month of Ramadan will start on March 11, 2024. Here, you will find the complete Ramadan 2024 Calendar and Ramdan 2024 prayer times of all major countries worldwide. Ramadan’s timing is different across the world. Ramadan 2024 dates & timing can vary depending on the geographical location.

In major countries like Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, & Kuwait, Ramzan 2024 is usually one day earlier as compared to other Islamic and South Asian countries. As the Islamic calendar is based on the lunar cycle, the duration of fasting hours and prayer times is different between countries & cities, even within regions of the same country.

Every Muslim must know the specific Ramadan Sehri Time & Iftar time for their specific location to observe the fast accurately. Below, select your country or city to get accurate Islamic prayer times during Ramadan from Fajr to Maghrib and Ramadan dates. In the Holy and Blessed month of Ramadan Kareem, you can also read or listen to the Quran online by visiting our Islam section Jazakallah (May Allah reward you with goodness).

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Importance of Ramzan 2024 Calendar

Ramadhan 2024 is coming, and Muslims around the world are excited and energized to fast and seek forgiveness from Allah Almighty. Ramadan is one of the most important of the five Pillars of Islam, which encourages Muslims to seek the blessings of Allah. The Ramadan 2024 calendar guides Muslims to know the timings of Sehri and iftari during the holy month.

We will provide you with an Updated Ramadan schedule 2024 with all important details like Ramadan timing and Ramadan prayer times 2024. The 2024 Ramadan timings are based on the lunar calendar, which helps users with updated Ramadan dates in 2024. Here, you will find the 2024 Ramadan calendar with authentic & accurate dates and times for all major laws or fiqh of Muslims, including Hanafi, Maliki, Shafi, Hanbali, and Jafari fiqh.

The Ramazan 2024 (رمضان)month holds immense significance in Islam for Muslims. In this month’s first verses of the Quran, the Holy Book of Islam was revealed to the Prophet Muhammad. This makes Ramadan Kareem a time of great importance for Muslims worldwide. This month gives the opportunity to Muslims to ask Allah Almighty for blessings and mercy.

Here users can easily find accurate 2024 Ramadan Date, current Sehr o Iftar Timings, and Namaz timings.

In Holy Month the Muslims looking for Ramazan 2024 timetable have reached to the right place in search of accurate sehri and iftari time. On Lahorimela website you will find Today Ramadan Timing 2024 for all countries and help you to raise level of spiritual, self-discipline, prayer, charity, and pilgrimage to Mecca.

This webpage help you to stay up-to-date with Ramadan iftar time, Ramadan fasting rules, Ramadan duas and prayer times according to your location and for every cities around the world. Prepare yourself Muslims the Holy Month is coming the Allah open the doors of forgiveness and blessings azzak Allah.

Plan your activities According to Ramadan Calendar

The Ramadan is very important in for Muslims around the world; it will be deeply fulfilling experience with proper planning and preparation. Here are some tips that you will plan your activities according to Ramadan calendar 2024

  1. Start preparing early: By seeing the Ramadan calender you know the ramadan date and adjust your sleep and meal times a few week before it starts.
  2. Prioritize worship: By seeing the Ramadan timetable, make a daily routine for five-time daily prayers, recitation of the Quran, and additional acts of worship.
  3. Modify your work schedule: By seeing the Ramadan calendar, adjust your working hours to accommodate prayer times, rest during fasting hours, and reach before the aftar time.
  4. Plan meals and social gatherings: You can check iftar time from the Ramadan timetable and coordinate with family and friends at iftar time, and plan gatherings that are mindful of the fasting schedule.

These tips are helpful for Muslims around the world to prepare for Ramadan 2024 start date will be Mar 10, 2024, and ends on the evening of Friday, 8 April 2024.

The Ramadan timetable plays an important role in ensuring the observance of fasting and prayer at the right times. By following the Ramadan timetable, observing the fast, and engaging in acts of worship and charity, Muslims can make the most of this blessed month