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Sacred Month Of Muslims (Ramadan)

Sacred Month of Muslims Ramadan
Ramadan…Ramadan is the holy month of Muslims, in which Muslims fast. It is the most sacred month. Muslims try to avoid every bad habit in this sacred month and they do there best to avoid the bad things, and all that things which are not liked by THE ALLMIGHTY ALLH.

From the beginning of the Islam, every year Ramadan comes with its blessings, and Muslims perform the act of fasting. They bow before THE ALLMIGHTY ALLAH five times a day (offer prayers), recites the Holy Book of ALLMIGHTY ALLAH (QURAN), try to do good things, greet others in a decent way. Help the needy and poor people. The first and the foremost thing which muslims do in this sacred month is, they pay ‘ZAKAT’.

ZAKAT is not obligatory on each and every muslim. It is obligatory just on rich people. If a person has a handsome sum of money, it is obligatory on him to pay ZAKAT.ZAKAT pures ones income. A muslim is one who earns halal and eats halal. Hence it is obligatory on every rich muslim to give Zakat to needy and people (to make there income halal).

The month of Ramadan lasts for 30 days (sometimes for 29 days).At the time of dawn, muslims kept there fast, and at the of sunset they break it, after hearing the Mulana(who recite azan).They are not allowed to eat or drink¬† anything during there there fast. There also comes a sacred night in this month, known as ‘Laila-tul-Qader’.It is the night of blessings.

Prophet Said:
“whoever Stood For The Prayers
in The Night Of Qadr Out Of Sincere
faith And Hoping For A Reward From Allah,
then All His Previous Sins Will Be Forgiven”

Ramadan comes once in a year. And all muslims desperately wait for this sacred month. Even the young ones also wait for this month. Their purpose of waiting for this month is that, after ramadan, Eid comes (EID-UL-FITR), which is typically known as ‘CHOTI EID’. Children love to celebrate it. Because they get money (EIDI) there elders. Children love this moment. Even though they do not fast but they are eager to celebrate eid than there elders. Eid lasts for 3 (three) days. On the very first day of eid, all the muslims gather at one place (in there respective areas) and offer prayer. Like the first day of eid, other two days of eid are also celebrated with the same energy.

People exchange gifts and greetings with there beloved ones.

Ramadan Calendar 2012

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