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Flames Test

FLAME Love Tester and Secret Crush Love Test

Don’t be scared this game is not about fire flames. Its the very popular childhood game we used to play when we were kids. I am sure everyone would have played this game. Its easy, you just have to give your name and your partner’s name then the calculation begins. Now how this game works??

As soon as you submit the names, the common letters in the names are cancelled the other letter are counted and then the result is shown. For example if the names are William and Kate then the common alphabets will be only one then the digit one will be counted on the word flames and the last alphabet that is left will be your result. You will see everything happening on your screens in front of you. Now what does this word flames stands for??

F is for Friends:
If your result is F then this means that you and your partner are better friends then soulmates but not to worry because good friends are proven to be good life partners. So, best of luck.
L is for Love:
If your answer is L, then there is no problem at all. Go and express your love right away because a beautiful life is waiting for you ahead. This is a chance of a lifetime so dont miss it.
A is for love in the Air:
If the result is A then the right time for you to express is on its way because love is in the air. Your partner wants to hear the magical words from you and you want to hear it from him so dont hesitate and move on before its too late.
M is for Marriage:
If the result is M then then your love is eternal and it will end on a happy ending. Congratulations you are going to get married with the one you love. I must say you are very lucky because many people dont get what they wish for.
E is for Enemies:
If the result is E then i am really sorry but you both are not soulmates. This is what flames say i know it hurts but this is your luck.
S is for Sorry no chance:
If the result is S then there is no chance for you compatibility. You guys can never have a happy life together because the result says so.
Did this Flames test give you the expected result? Let us know your opinion about this Flames test. Please leave a comment. Now give it a try and see what happens!!

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  1. don’t belive flames

  2. i love you shameer

  3. it,s all fake plz don,t believe anyone in it

  4. alla game hahahaha

  5. i love you my sister hamdi

  6. Marriage….wow…. lets plan marriage now..hahhaha lolz

  7. Not Working…?

  8. wonderful marvellous its a true one… it detects relationships easilyy…. :dance:

  9. :victory:   waHH~!! 3n3my … :phone-kar:   but it's okay ..!!!  there's a 0ne w3w it is very co0l/.

  10. sub jhoot he!

  11. lol

    mere to kafi ziyada dhusman hain :p

  12. i knew it! destined to be together was always on my radar!!!! lol

  13. oooooooo … enemies :|

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