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Daily Mobile Packages

Recently, the Telcom sector in Pakistan has had major developments. The main focus of the Telecom industry is to give maximum benefits to the general users. These benefits include modern and better-quality services. As a result, it brings competition to the different network operators.

We provide complete daily, weekly, and monthly for all sim package information.

The Jazz, Telenor, Ufone, Onic, and Zong are well-known telecommunication companies in Pakistan. They offer a lot of the best packages for daily, weekly, and monthly. These companies also give free packages to new or application users.

The best daily packages offered by Ufone are the Ufone Daily SMS package, Ufone Daily WhatsApp package, and Ufone Daily Pakistan offer call package.

The Zong network also offers the best daily packages. These daily mobile packages include Zong’s daily SMS package, Zong’s off-net call packages daily, and Zong’s daily WhatsApp package.

The Telenor also provides a great deal on daily packages. These packages include a Telenor WhatsApp package daily, a Daily SMS Bundle, and many more, which are commonly used in Pakistan.

The Mobilink Jazz network offers a wide range of best deals on daily packages. These packages include the Jazz daily call package, Jazz daily SMS package, and Jazz daily WhatsApp package in Pakistan. They also provide free MBs on a daily basis.

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Recently, Mobile Packages Added

CompanyPackageOn-Net MinsOff-Net MinsDataSmsValidityPrice
UfoneBlaze 4g — 200GB00 200 GB (100GB from 1am to 1pm)0 30 Rs. 2499
UfoneBlaze 4g — 120gb00 120 GB (60GB from 1am to 1pm)0 30 Rs. 2499
UfoneBlaze 4G— 300GB00 300 GB (150GB from 1am to 1pm)0 30 Rs. 2999
UfoneMonthly Facebook Offer150 20--150 30 Rs. 200
UfoneUpower Card – Rs. 2301500706 GB0 7 Rs. 230
UfoneUpower Internet Offer 00 16 GB (includes 8GB from 2am to 2pm)0 7 Rs. 299
UfoneWeekly Heavy Internet (Discontinued)00 16 GB (includes 8GB from 1am to 9am)0 7 Rs. 250
UfoneHaftawaar Internet Offer00 2 GB 0 7 Rs. 160
UfoneUpower Card – Rs. 90500 MBs20--500 7 Rs. 90
UfoneBest Weekly Offer (Discontinued)10000--0 7 Rs. 130

Weekly Mobile Packages

Pakistan is the third telecommunication market that rapidly growing. In Pakistan, telecom organizations are improving their network quality and fixing line networks. The Ufone, Jazz, Telenor, Onic, and Zong network companies are the backbone of the telecommunication industry.

These telecom companies in Pakistan offer weekly mobile packages for users. These companies offer internet, call, and SMS services throughout Pakistan.

The Ufone offers weekly packages at affordable prices. These packages include a Ufone weekly whatsapp package and a Ufone weekly (all-in-one package *7777#)

The Zong is also a good mobile network in Pakistan. They also offer different packages like Zong weekly SMS package, Zong weekly internet package, and Zong weekly call package code *4141#.

Similarly, the Telenor mobile network also provides weekly packages to their users. These packages include 7-Day Hybrid, Telenor weekly SMS, Weekly EasyCard, and Haftawar Chappar Phaar Offer.

Jazz is the best network in Pakistan, and they have a wide range of users. They offer many weekly packages, including Jazz’s weekly whatsapp package, Weekly ALL NETWORK, Weekly SUPER PLUS, and Weekly SUPER MAX.

mobile packagesMonthly Mobile Packages

In Pakistan, the telecom sector statistics are growing day by day. They provide opportunities to the investors and improve the network quality. They continuously develop modern applications and provide eco-friendly systems.

In 2024, the number of internet and mobile users is increasing rapidly day by day. That is why mobile combines are providing hassle-free networks to all Pakistani users.

The Ufone offers some mobile packages for mobile users. These packages include a Ufone monthly whatsapp package, a Digital Grand Offer (Off-Net Minutes 1000, on-net-min 10000, Internet 100 GB, and 10000 SMS. To subscribe, dial*900#. (Free Golootlo + SHOQ Subscription).

The Zong is a good network, in Pakistan. They offer some monthly packages, which include a Zong monthly social package, a Zong monthly call package, and a monthly super offer of 20GB internet, 5000 on-net-min, off-net-min 450, and 5000 SMS. To subscribe, dial now *4567#

Telenor is a well-known network in Pakistan and has a wide range of users. You can make your favorite monthly mobile package by using their application. Some of the monthly packages are Telenor monthly WhatsApp packages, 4G Monthly Ultra, Mega Monthly Offer, and Monthly Social Pack Plus.

Many users in Pakistan use the jazz network. They provide many different monthly packages for their users. The mobile packages are the Jazz monthly SMS package, Jazz monthly social package, and Mahana AALA OFFER (80 GB​ Data, 2000 Other Network Mins, and 2000 SMS​). To subscribe, dial now *7334#.

Frequently Asked Questions

The best 4G service can vary based on your location and specific needs. However, Zong claims the 4G Availability award. The users spend the highest proportion of time with a 4G connection, 84.4%. Other networks, Jazz, Ufone, and Telenor, score from 80 % to 82%.

The Telenor network has the cheapest SIM card mobile packages in Pakistan. Jazz is also not expensive and has one of the best network coverages in Pakistan from 18th December 2023.

To check jazz internet packages, dial *443#; for call packages, dial *444#, or visit our website for more information. You can also use the Jazz World app to explore and subscribe to various packages.