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Jackie Chan CZ12 Movie Trailer 2013

Jackie Chan has to make a new action movie of the Hollywood that name is “CZ12” (aka Chinese Zodiac), now its film trailer is come in the market and it’s releasing on 18th Oct, 2013. Again one time he have to coming in the Hollywood action movie CZ12 as a hero. Many of the people are like that person and their all movies had been released by him  that’s all very nice, here we are presenting trailer of that new action film and all fans of Jackie Chan must watch it. It has been produced by Jackie Chan, Stanley Tong and Barbie Tung. CZ12 is written by Jackie Chan and also directed by Jackie Chan. 50 years old Jackie Chan in filmy career appeared in the hundred of action movies who have to accept all important responsibilities of writer, producer, directed, starring & Screenplay for that third film Chinese Zodiac.

Jackie Chan CZ12 Movie Trailer 2013

In the last year December 2012 except CZ12 was released in the Asian markets now it has been part of various movie festivals and now after the deductions of many minutes, CZ12 is releasing on 18 October 2013 in the Hollywood. You remember in your mind which that Jackie Chan have to accepts 15 credits on their hand, its part of record box. Now you must watch that action movie trailer and comments about it here below. Please keep visit on this page to get latest updates.

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