Farukh Akhtar: Name Meaning in Urdu, Origin & Details

Farukh Akhtar is a unique and charming name for a baby Boy that has been gaining popularity in the Muslim community. The name Farukh Akhtar has a beautiful meaning - "خوش نصیب، خوش بخت، مبارک".

Farukh Akhtar Name Meaning in Urdu

فرخ اختر 69 نام
Farukh Akhtar انگریزی نام
لڑکا جنس
خوش نصیب، خوش بخت، مبارک معنی
فیروزی موافق پتھر
کانسی موافق دھاتیں
مسلم Muslim مذہب
ثور Taurus موافق راس چکر
2 لکی نمبر
پیلا, سبز, سرخ موافق رنگ
جمعرات, منگل موافق دن
نہیں مختصر نام
8 حروف اور 2 لفظ نام کی لمبائی
فرخ اختر نام کی مقبولیت مسلم مذہب میں : 7374
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Farukh Akhtar Name Popularity

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Where Farukh Akhtar is Popular?

According to Muslim beliefs, choosing a lucky name for a baby is an important decision. Farukh Akhtar is associated with many lucky attributes, including the lucky stone of فیروزی, lucky metals of کانسی, and the lucky colors of پیلا, سبز, سرخ.

Farukh Akhtar is also associated with the lucky zodiac sign of Taurus, and the lucky days of جمعرات, منگل. This name has a significant impact on the bearer's life, and its popularity is increasing day by day. In fact, Farukh Akhtar is currently ranked 7374 in popularity in the Muslim religion.

Choosing the right name for a baby is a special and meaningful experience, and Farukh Akhtar is a name that carries many positive and fortunate associations.

About Farukh Akhtar Name

Q. What does Farukh Akhtar name mean?

Farukh Akhtar name meaning is خوش نصیب، خوش بخت، مبارک.

Q. What is the religion of the name Farukh Akhtar?

The religion of the name Farukh Akhtar is Muslim.

Q. What is the origin of Farukh Akhtar name?

The origin of the name Farukh Akhtar is .

Q. What is the length of Farukh Akhtar name?

The Name Farukh Akhtar contains 13 Letters and 2 Word.

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