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40 Killed As Qadiani’s Worship Places Assailed

40 Killed As Qadiani’s Worship Places Assailed


At least 40 people were killed while several others, including a DSP and three cops, injured as terrorists assailed two Ahmadi’s worship places with hand grenades and opened indiscriminate firing simultaneously at Garhi Shahu and Model Town in Lahore on Friday.
Police managed to overpower the terrorists holed up in the Model Town worship place, whereas SSP (Operations) told the reporters that an armed terrorist atop a minaret in Garhi Shahu sporadically resorts to fire. Heavy contingents of police rushed the site, while Rangers were also called in to take control of the situation. The injured have been shifted to hospitals; the number of wounded have not been ascertained so far.
Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan (Punjab Wing) claimed responsibility of the incident.


  1. in pakistan are very sad*

  2. Riz I totally agree with you.  This saying is for people who are being racist to one's beleif , religion and for the people who compare a black with a white or a white with black<<<<<<———– This is an example. I hope you understand what im trying to say. Im only trying to say is we shouldn't be racists. We shouldn't say anything bad to one's belief , religion and sect.

    I know such things happening are pakistan are very sad.

  3. THERE IS NO COMPARISON BETWEEN A BLACK OR WHITE, A MUSLIM AND A NON MUSLIM ONLY EXCEPT IN GOOD DEEDS AND RIGHTEOUSNESS” Please concentrate on this sentence and analyze, it’s very meaningful and answer to many confused labyrinths.


  4. Surrendering before the God is not a name of some specific habits and practices. Your writings have revealed that you have a concept of humanity and understand the logic and meanings behind all religions. I am not denying the importance’s of religious prayers and activities, reciting Quran or preaching other teaching of Islam. Please consider that <cite>Pakistan is on top in number of mosques, number of namazis, numbers of people perform Hajj, number of Roza Dar, taraveh and number of people gather for Jumma, even then why there is sort of panic, why there is not peace in all aspect of life. Look at the country, what type of news are coming on daily basis. Murders of women, children, even rape of innocent children, bribing, injustice by police, government lootings and ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, there are five time invitations through of Azaan, We always compare our country with Europe and America where as the truth is that we can’t compare our country with Korea, Malaysia, India, Iran and Saudi Arabia. In fact we are below Chad, Namibia and Mozambique. Nothing will come out only by Duas, the whole world is not following the path of success and development just by Duas. </cite>

    We provide expiry blood to patients, chemicalized milk to children, we are not a nation, and we are the corrupt hujoom of people. We are not offering “AMMAR BIL MAROOF” and neither following “NAHI –UN-AL MUNKIR” or jo qom ye amal tark kar deti he us k nake amaal or duain qubool nahi hotin, believe it.


  5. Qadayanis are  Muslims. They believe that Hazrat Muhammad SAW is the last messenger of Allah . They offer namaz  and recite Quran. They believe in the Day of Judgement.  You know why you people have misunderstandings about them because you people never really asked a real Qadayani about his belief and what they think or say , you guys asked some non qadayani and that non qadayani didn't even knw what a qadayani really believes but he knew he could screw up with someone's thinking. And so he did. I hereby request all of you that if you really want to know about them ASK AN AHMADI. Lets suppose if u ask a non muslim about islam. What would he say? He obviously doesn't know about Islam, infact he would ask another non muslim and all of their wrong and true facts will be jumbled up and a new thing will be formed . I think i have made myself pretty clear. :)

  6. I'm not saying something false. Don't you agree that if we pray to Allah , offer namaz and do good deeds Allah will be happy ? What else can we do?? Shayad Allah humari isi baat se khush hojayein. Woh jo 3 hours hum movie dekhney main lagatey hain agar wohi 3 hours hum duaain kerle tou kya hojayega?  aur yeh racism wali baat mein unse keh rahi thi jo dusron keh mazhab ko bura bhala kehtey hain .


    This saying was one of the ten sayings Hazrat Muhammad SAW said in his last sermon.

    There is nothing we can do now. Nor is our country  powerfull and can only pray to Allah for forgiveness.

    Agar hum apni attention duaaon mein kerle. Allah se duaain mangey . Paancho times ki namaaz perain jo most of the people pertey hain. Shayad Allah isi baat s ekhush hojayein.

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