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Aamir Khan Today Visit Lahore

Aamir Khan Today Visit Lahore

Lahore: Bollywood star Aamir Khan has expressed a desire to visit Lahore. Khan is currently visiting Karachi. A news daily quoted Khan as saying he wanted to visit Lahore because many of his relatives are settled there. During a telephonic news conference, he said that he has a lot of pleasant memories attached not only with Lahore but also with Pakistan in general. He added that he liked visiting Pakistan and was not afraid of security threats or bothered by the current differences between India and Pakistan.


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  1. HI sir,

    i m ur big fan in the Lahore at Pakistan. so please any one want meet me tell me i m here. every time in lahore 0324-4241031

  2. Hi Sir Welcom every Person repsect you. becuase u a good act but you are perfect Gentle men. i love it.

    mahmood SHah

  3. nice …….. did anyone meet him ?

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