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Angelina Jolie Next Brand Ambassador of QMobile

Few days ago Bollywood actress Kareena Kapoor has done add of QMobile in Pakistan. But now related to this but even bigger news that Pakistani mobile brand QMobile is in Negotiations with Angelina Jolie for their next advertisement for the New model of QMobile. It is in news that QMobile approached top three Hollywood actors such as Brad Pitt, Julia Roberts and Angelina Julie for its next advertisement.

Angelina Jolie Next Brand Ambassador of QMobile

Angelina Jolie Next Brand Ambassador of QMobile

After having meeting with these three Hollywood Celebrities, Angelina Jolie has been finalized because of her fan following and popularity which found Worldwide not only in Pakistan. Negotiations are in process, and it is almost confirm that Angelina Jolie with be the next official face of QMobile.

One Question is in my mind that why Angelina ? Why QMobile not hired another Bollywood or some Pakistani Star? Then according to me Angelina’s work for the salvation of Refugees as an ambassador of UNHCR has made her much popular in Pakistan in all social classes. If Angelina Jolie actually going to appear in QMobile’s Add, then QMobile will come equal to other top five brands which are ruling in Pakistan like iPhone, Blackberry, Nokia Lumia, Samsung and HTC. Hiring Angelina Jolie is the perfect way to put the QMobile on global platforms.

QMobiles have more than 100 varied selections of cellphones, QMoblie has hired one celebrity after another to gave a strong competition to Nokia which is bigger competitor in Pakistan Market. QWERTYs, Smartphones and Keypad phones, QMobile has everything under its brand name, Soon QMobile will rule in Pakistani Market. For more Information please visit our website LAHORIMELA.

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