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Barack Obama wins 2012 election

The president f America Barack Obama has grasped victory over Republican Challenger Mitt Romney on Tuesday’s night and get more four years. After the projected win in the crucial battleground of Ohio, Iowa and Oregon, Obama’s winning call came.

Barack Obama wins 2012 election

Barack Obama wins 2012 election
Barack Obama wins 2012 election

After a clean victory over Mitt Romney Obama embraced his wife the first lady Michele Obama and said” This happened because of you, Thank you, We are all in this together that’s how we campaigned and that’s who we are”.

Obama at the stage of Chicago victory party tweeted with cheering supporters early Wednesday that” The best is yet to come”. At that party Obama’s  two daughters Sasha and Maila were also present. He added in his speech that “American People reminded us that while our road is hard , while our journey has been long, we have picked ourselves up. We have fought our way back”.
Obama congratulating Romney to give him hard time in election campaign. He said that” We may have battled fiercely but its only because we love this country deeply and care so strongly about its future”. Obama said to his opponent supporters that ” whether I earned your vote or not,I have listened you, I have learned to you. You have made me a better president”.
He thanked to all his supporters who campaigned for him.

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