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Celebrity Camp Claims Success

Celebrity Camp Claims Success

Celebrity Camp Claims Success

LAHORE: The Celebrity Camp at the Mall of Lahore has collected a large amount of donations from visitors for the country’s flood victims.

The camp, primarily organised by Ali Noor of the band ‘Noori’ had a number of artists, writers, singers, radio jockeys and actors that were seen persuading the public to donate generously. The packed event was largely attended by people from all walks of life.

“This is a combined initiative of all that are present here, our target is to gather a large amount for the flood victims because our country needs to overcome this crisis as soon as possible,” Ali Noor told Daily Times.

Also, designers Maria B and Muneeb Nawaz sold their clothes at discounted prices, whereas band members auctioned their belongings to raise money for the victims.

The organisers made announcements in the mall, asking people to donate for the flood victims. The celebrities held donation boxes in their hands and collected the money personally.

Performances by ‘Laal The Band’ and ‘Rising’ were appreciated by guests. The celebrities compelled all the visitors to donate a small amount for the flood-hit areas. They had stickers on their shirts that read “Mission” with a picture of the flood-hit regions.

“I think this is a great effort by all the celebrities and they should be rewarded for it,” said a visitor Khurram.

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