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City Donates Generously For Flood Victims

City Donates Generously For Flood Victims

City donates generously for flood victims
City donates generously for flood victims

LAHORE: Since the worst floods in history hit the country, the city’s residents have been donating generously for the victims of the disaster. The major relief camps operating in the city are being run by the army, non-government organisations and political parties, while students have been seen independently collecting donations on roads and forwarding them to relief camps.

“Whenever my family and I sit down for Iftar, I vividly imagine the ordeal that my brothers and sisters are facing in the flood-hit areas and I honestly lose my appetite,” Ghulam Haider, a resident of Bund Road, told Daily Times. “The Ravi River is only a few kilometres from my house, which means I could have been suffering the same problems. I am not rich but I have given a few bags of food to the relief camps,” he said.

“This is just a small donation for my fellow countrymen who are having the worst time of their lives, as many have lost their homes, relatives and loved ones, and are now suffering from disease and hunger,” said a middle-aged man, requesting not to be named as he donated to a relief camp.

“It is a positive sign of maturity in our nation that people do not want credit for their donations,” said an army officer requesting anonymity. “I am proud of our people, who are sincerely helping the state in overcoming this crisis,” he said.

Army: People donating different items for flood victims told Daily Times that they preferred giving their donations to the army for different reasons. “I think that the army’s relief work is always more organised, transparent and quick,” said Aslam, a resident of Gulberg, who donated 500 kilogrammes of flour at the Hussain Chowk relief camp. “I don’t trust people who are operating other relief camps because they can never compete with the army’s swiftness and honesty,” he said.

“These soldiers are loading items in trucks while fasting, which is really impressive,” said Mrs Zahid at the Fortress Stadium relief camp. “These are young men loading trucks in the hot weather, something they won’t get any additional benefit out of. I appreciate their efforts with all my heart and pray that they get rewarded for the relief work they are doing not only in the city, but in the whole country,” she said.

Parties: “During the first week of Ramazan, the electronic media showed a popular political party having collected goods that filled a truck only partially, which I thought was sad. Our political parties should concentrate on collecting donations, not indulging in popularity stunts,” said Shahid Ahmed at a relief camp on The Mall.

Moreover, a group of eunuchs also donated a truckload of items to the Army’s relief camp in Fortress Stadium. They appreciated the army’s efforts and wished them luck in overcoming the flood crisis.

Meanwhile, the Punjab relief commissioner, Ikhlaq Tarar, said in a press statement that 560 trucks containing food packs, tents, flour bags, ghee, cooking oil, clothes, sugar, tea, spices, milk, biscuits, match boxes, plastic sheets, mineral water, blankets and soaps had been sent to the flood-hit areas.

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